Tuesday, December 04, 2012
There are a few things I could blog about today but "first things first!"

There are many things I like about The Boston Globe, local and world news; movie, TV and theater reviews; health updates, business news and even the comic section.

The other day my favorite comic "Zits" gave me the biggest laugh!  Why?  Because it was the Garfield's very favorite joke.  I think  it came to pass as a real exchange between father and son.

This is it:

After that first time it was a funny line that was used time and time again!

Do you read the funnies? - they are very adult these days- sometimes I don't understand them!!!

I think the way it went was:

Dad: Where are you going?

Me: Out

Dad: Have a nice time.

Me: Don't tell me what to do!

We always think of it as having actually happened. It's funny.

HI Millie! Great comic strip and funny comment from your Garfield too! I have been enjoying your blog for years, but this is first time I'm commenting!
Zits is my favorite, too! So typical teenage male and reminds me of my son.

I enjoy Baby Blues, too. Still read Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Family Circus. There's a new one (to me) Pickles that's good sometimes -- older couple.
Millie: You've got spam. Anyway, I did like that cartoon.
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"Zits" is great and I also enjoy "Grand Avenue" (the grandma raising her two grandchildren) and the seniors in "Flo and Friends."

"Doonesbury" always gives me a laugh at politicians and politics...maybe that can be filed under if-I-don't-laugh-I'll-cry.
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