Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Setting Up A New Computer

Image: Millie and Steve


Steve here setting up my Mom's new computer.

Lots to do when setting up a new system.

Email addresses. Web sites. Taking a break for a muffin and hot chocolate.

I'm sure my mom will have more to say soon.


Always an exciting time when new equipment becomes yours. Enjoy Millie and Happy Holidays to you!
Love your son...just saying.
Wow. You sure can see the family resemblance there!
Happy Holidays!
Computer buying tip. Ergonomics says to look straight ahead at your monitor, buy bifocal wearers prefer to look down at laptop screen. We are going to have to figure out a way to either make the monitor lower or the seat higher. For now, we're dragging the browser window down 1/3 of the way down the screen. Not optimal, but it works.
Just thought of an idea, my mom needs a pair of reading glasses for the computer. Not bifocals. People have computer reading glasses so they can look straight ahead!

I love my son....just saying
Millie, you are lucky to have someone to help you!! Way to go, Steve. Happy Holidays to all of you.
So you're the wiz kid behind this blog. I read a lot on this blog about all the things you and the wife do for your mom. You're a great son and your mom has a great daughter-in-law.
Steve, I wear trifocals and found it worked best to buy an extra pair of glasses with lenses strictly for computer use. That allows me to see the entire screen at once.

Millie, what a great son to set things up for you.
What a wonderful son is Steve. Hope you and yours have a Happy Holiday and enjoy the good food at your new establishment. Dianne
To one and all:

Thanks for your kind words. Have a happy and healthy holiday.

And eat and drink too much!! ;-)
Bifocals were a detriment to computer use when my husband tried to use one. We had yet to figure out how to help him adapt. Will be good to know what you devise to work for those with such needs.
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I wear bifocals and have my computer on a bureau which stands about mid thigh height (on an average size woman!) I look down on the screen through the bottom section of my glasses and it feels quite comfortable. JagSwotoestarge [url=]making money from home[/url] Diewmeple start a business with £1000
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