Thursday, January 24, 2013
As a matter of fact, it isn't snowing now but it is very cold, colder then it's been in two years here in New England.

Image: Boston Area Weather

And you know what, it doesn't bother me one bit!

This is my first winter up North in many years and because I'm at Brooksby Village I don't feel locked in because of the weather.

If I need my hair or nails done, all I need to do is take a short walk over to the Salon and "I'm there."

Same  goes for the bank, it's right next door.

If I need any medical care, or pharmacy, I take "the shuttle" to a building that's near-by.

While I'm there I can stop by at the library and/or have a cup of coffee in the lounge.  You never know who you'll meet while relaxing with a good cup of coffee.


A few weeks ago I wrote about the challenge of remembering the names of all the people I'm meeting.

I'm also trying to keep track of all the activities that are being offered.  Many times there are a few things going on at the same time.

Image: Brooksby Village Events

Choices, choices, choices!

For the month of February I have elected to do the following outside events, which the Brooksby bus takes us to:

An Evening with Award Winning Author Andre Dubus III.

He's the author of five books one of which is the New York Times bestseller, House of Sand and Fog.

House of Sand and Fog

I loved the book and saw the movie. As usual I enjoyed the book more than the movie.

I've  heard some authors say they have no control of what goes into the movie!  That explains it!

Met Opera Simulcast - Verdi's Rigoletto

I have heard many positive words about seeing an opera via "Simulcast."  "It's like seeing the opera LIVE."

I'm looking forward to a special experience, and I won't have to drive to get there!

And if it snows, it still won't stop us from getting there!

Well, you certainly do have a lot of things to do or consider!! You make community living seem really nice!
Okay, I am just a little jealous!!
You certainly seem that you have adjusted...and I am sure it wasnt easy but it seems as if you have a healthy outlook on the new changes and transition..I hope I take on challenges and changes in life as you are..You are a role model for many of us..
What a lot of resources. It sounds nice. Stay warm!
Sounds wonderful.
We have a Brooksby
in Nashville
which is near some of my children.
do not know if I can leave the woods and my gardening :)
One Woman

Just a little note that I thought you would be interest in.

Here at this Brooksby there is an area for residents who like to garden.

They can plant flowers, veggies or whatever pleases them. A friend of mine had great success with tomatoes.

It's not like having your own garden but it's there for anyone who wants to "plant."

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