Monday, January 14, 2013
I have alway been proud to say that I am "Thoroughly Modern Millie."

Times change and we have to change with them. I could make a whole post about all the things that I have witnessed in my lifetime, many changes have been for the better.

Today I want to tell you about something that I just became aware of.

In one of those advice columns, I read the other day, the question was, "is it ok to RSVP via e-mail when you receive an invitation to a party?

The answer was:
"If you were invited to the party via e-mail, it is ok to response in a similar manner even if it's to a formal affair."
That very same day a friend of mine told me that she received an invitation to a wedding in the mail, one of those small return cards was not enclosed.

That's the card I would fill out, let the person know if I would be attending, and write a note of good wishes.

No. No little card was enclosed, but there was an e-mail address noted on the expensive invitation!

It so happens that my friend does not have a computer. Some people still aren't thoroughly modern. ;-) She had to ask her son to RSVP for her.

In my opinion, a formal invitation, to an event that is "a big deal," should have that little card enclosed, and used in the good old fashioned way.

I guess I'm like all the people that have been around for a while, "we don't like changes."

Some changes are hard to adjust to, but we have no choice, and do what we have to.

Some changes are minor inconveniences, like when the lipstick you have been using for a million years is DISCONTINUED.

About forty years ago I discovered Revlon's Apple Polish lipstick.

A few years ago I found that when I looked in that spot on the shelf that should contain number 708, it was empty!

Oh, what to do? I would go looking for that lipstick in other stores and when I found it, I would load up!

I think what might have happened at that time was, they were cutting back on producing that shade BUT the general public made them bring it back.

When I shopped recently for some new tubes, no more 708! I called the company and they told me Apple Polish was discontinued. The operator suggested I try Coral Berry #674.

OK, I'll give it a try. In the meantime I'll use my #708 until it's down to the bare bones!

Changes, changes, changes.

What minor changes bother you?

Happy New Year Millie!
You could probably do a whole series on this.
Where's my lipstick?
Where's my _______?
Thanks for the smile this evening.
I know two elderly ladies without computers they don't know what they're missing. I'm 63 and can't imagine living without my computer! I miss doing dishes by hand (said no woman ever).
I hate changes to hair products. I try to find something to keep my hair smooth, something to give it shines and something to give it lift. I any of these change I have bad hair days for quite a while.
I get mad when my lipstick company discontinues my favorite color too. It has happened so many times over the past 30 years. My current favorite is #521 and whenever I need to buy another, I buy 2 at a time.

I'll have to ask Tabor what hair product she uses, if it does all three things well for her.. smoothing, shining and lifting....since I need that too.
L'Origan by Coty, the cologne. Years ago I started working for the telephone company in a department that employed mostly women. When I discovered L'Origan I found that it did not offend any of my co-workers. I continue to wear it to this day. The problem is that it is not available in any the normal outlets. When I inquired about it was told it was discontinued. However I did find it in a mail order catalog. Rest assured when I order it is for four bottles instead of one. That is for two reasons. One is the scarcity and two my daughter loves it too.
Old Spice Soothing Gel. There must have been warehouses full of it when they pulled it because I was able to find it online until a few years ago. I finally ran out late last summer, and shaving hasn't been the same since.
Having experienced the same "discontinued" with a makeup used for years, I became so desperate that I googled the item and lucked up in finding a supplier on Ebay. I was able to stock up until that supplier ran out but, by then I knew the end was near and was better prepared to let go. I googled your #708 and found it available on Ebay as a Buy Now item for $8.99. Hope this is helpful to you:

THANK YOU so very much for tells me about the availability of #708 on EBay.

I'll be placing a big order for my very favorite lipstick and have you to thank for keeping me supplied with Apple Polish for a very long time!!
Hi Millie,
Glad you're able to purchase Apple Purchase again. Try some Clear Gloss on it and get Glossy Lips to give you a new Modern Look!
Happy, Healthy New Year!
Online or in the U.S. mail ~ most people don't RSVP. Makes it difficult for those hosting an event. Even verbally inviting someone to a simple supper is complicated. "What are you having," they ask without waiting for me to ask if they have likes, dislikes, allergies, etc. "Nothing, if you have to ask before responding," I reply. LOL.
Hi Mom,
I went into CVS to look for #708 and see what you mean. That section of the Revlon display is really small with a lot of missing numbers. I can image that back in the day it had a lot more colors.
it seems that over the years when I like something - all of sudden they discontinue - like you do not like it...
I just cringe when my favorite products vanish. That causes me to say the dirty word... C-H-A-N-G-E and I just hate that word. Thank you for sharing your post! Simply God's Girl
Back to those reply cards for weddings. The traditional format and wording does not make sense. If you invite two people and only one can come, inserting a number does not work. For place cards the host needs to know which one. If you were forced to write "and guest" there is nowhere for the invitee to write the name of his/her guest.
I gave a wedding last weekend and the little card annoyed me!
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