Monday, January 07, 2013
Last night was the long awaited start of season three of Downton Abbey.

If you are reading this post and are a fan you have become aware of the trials and tribulations that have affected the lives of the aristocratic household and their hard working and devoted staff.

So much happened in this installment that I just might do what I always have done when I have watched Mad Men...

I watch it again and catch so many details that I might miss the first time.

Image: Downton Abbey Cast

If you haven't seen Downton Abby before, this would be a good time to get familiar with the family and their staff. It will take time to get to know a cast of about fifteen people.

Video: Fun overview of Downton Abbey's first two seasons

Each member of the family has their own unique history and personality, the same can be said for the downstairs help.

The highlight of this episode for me was when 76 year old Shirley MacLaine appears as Martha Levinson, the mother of Cora, Countess of Gantham. She's visiting from New York and portrays a person so opposite any of her relatives.

What I'll write about now is not a spoiler, it's just something that I particularly enjoyed.

A very special evening has been planned for invited guests, extra special place settings, gorgeous flower arrangements, and extra special meats that the staff plans to serve.

Well, the night that all this is to take place - a lot goes wrong. Of all things, the OVEN breaks down and nothing gets cooked!

Leave it to the American, Shirley MacLaine (Cora's mother) to save the day!

She turns this elaborate and formal dinner party into a "help yourself buffet." Mind you, this takes place in the early 20's and you know what, the guests loved it!

That's just a small taste of what can happen at Downton Abbey!

Video: Downton Abbey, Season 3: The Wait is Over (Preview) | PBS

I did re-watch the prior episodes to get ready for last nights program. I DVD's it and will watch it tonight. I think the Brits. are very practical and would have resolved the issue in a similar fashion. The queen herself has served people when needed.
I missed it (on purpose), with plans to catch up later in the season when Masterpiece Theater runs back to back to back episodes so I don't have to stress out week-to-week wondering what's coming next. Excited to see Shirley MacLaine, not because of her acting per se, but because I'm a fan of her writing. Have read every book she's ever written. Fascinating woman.
I cannot get this on my television.
Will get it on DVD.
Miss the PBS in this rural area...
Should I confess that I have never seen it? One of these days I will rent the DVDs and watch all of the episodes.
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I'm new to Downton Abbey - can't believe I didn't know about this terrific series. I'm dying to get caught up the past episodes. I did that with Mad Men, too, and had a terrific time watching one after another every chance I got. My husband thought (knew) I was obsessed! Although very different series,in my book, DA and MM are on par with their brilliance.
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