Saturday, January 19, 2013
Vote for My Mom's Blog in the Best Senior Living Awards 2013

My Mom's Blog has been nominated for Best Individual Blog in the Best Senior Living Awards 2013.

CLICK HERE to go to the 'Vote for My Mom's Blog page', then CLICK on FACEBOOK LIKE or GOOGLE +1.

Image: Voting page. Click on FACEBOOK LIKE or GOOGLE +1


Check the STANDINGS for Best Individual Blog here, and see some other nominees.

I already voted....
I gave you my vote, Millie. AND ... just to be fair, I did take a look at the other contenders and gave you my vote because your blog is the most uplifting and interesting of the bunch.
Magnolia Girl and Shirley

Thanks for your votes!

Shirley, I too read some of the other contenders posts and also felt that even though they were writing about some serious matters some humor or something uplifting was needed.
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