Monday, February 11, 2013
Time did not fly in the two hour presentation of Downton Abby, which I watched last night. The goal of the show was to tie up all the loose ends of the many characters who's lives had to be tied up!

Glory be, as the season progressed, I began to know the names and status of many of the residents of Downton Abby. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy, and I'm still not sure who's who.


Last night they introduced a young lady who had a zest for life. Who needed her? If they had left her out that would have shortened the show by at least ten minutes, and we'll probably never see her again!


For those of you who haven't watched this program, I'll tell you a little about the older single daughter of Lord and Lady Grantham. She was left standing at the alter by her noble groom, who felt is was not fair to marry her because of his age and health.

Why did he wait until he was at the alter to walk out on her?

I'll tell you why, because it made a good dramatic scene and now it ties in to what is happening in her life!

Edith applied for a newspaper writing position, was hired by Gregson the editor. He recognized her ability and found her attractive. Before she took the job, she made a phone call and found out that he was A MARRIED MAN.

Today when we want to find out about someone we check with Google.

In the early 20th century who would you call? I was surprised she was given Gregson's personal information.

I'll tell you why, because it made a good dramatic scene, and it will open the door to a romantic situation!

The time they spent telling Edith's story was worthwhile.

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If I had been watching last night's show with a friend, I would have called out, "what was that?!!!"

Lady Grantham, the charming and refined lady of the house used the word "stuff"?!!!

Next thing I know they will have Maggie Smith, who plays the part of a Dowager Countess, saying "stuff."

Ben Schmidt also noticed the anachronisms.

Update: Ben Schmidt looks into, What sort of "stuff" would the Crawleys use?

I discussed this with Steve this morning and he reminded me about the times that his father would correct his English especially when he used the word "stuff."

Aaron, your efforts paid off, you would be very proud to hear how well spoken our son is.

A while ago I saw Jimmy Fallon and company do a take-off on Downton Abbey. It was very funny and the characters were very well done.

Very Funny Millie. It makes you want to see more!
Hmm. I feel like I don't have time to learn the ins and outs of this, so I appreciate your tutorial here.
Actually, I can't bring myself to watch the thing.
Since I don't have tv, I watch Downton Abbey on the Internet the day after. I must say that this last episode had me laughing aloud, a lot. You're right that the young woman seemed superfluous. I saw her as a kind of a bridge to the changes in the world outside Downton Abbey. One more episode, right?

You made a good point - They had Rose there to show what was happening in those days - times were a-changing!
thanks for sharing the Jimmy Fallon spoof! That was hilarious! I see there's a 2nd episode, too.

I agree with you about Rose; she didn't last very long and didn't seem to have much to do with the rest of the story!

Did you notice that the word "stuff" was spoken at least 2 other times by other characters? It was really noticeable to me, too!

Thanks, Millie!
Finally got caught up with Season 3 as PBS ran an all day Downton Abbey marathon. I knew about Lady Sybil as I'd read it somewhere but WOW ... I did not see that Season 3 ending coming. I'm kind of in shock.
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