Sunday, February 24, 2013
For many winters I've been taking off for Florida, escaping all that "cold stuff" that happens up in New England.  Well I am now living the life of a Northerner, no longer a "snowbird."

For months now, I have had the same question asked of me, "do you miss Florida?"

My answer, up until very recently was, "no, not at all."

Well let me tell you after all the snow, cold and wind we've had I can't help but think of the sunny days at the pool, just taking a walk at the beach, and enjoying  those beautiful cool evenings  in Florida.

If someone asked me that question today I'd say, Yes, I do miss all that!

It's the middle of February, Winter is almost over, but there is still March, and even April, to get through.

Before I go out to do an errand, I make sure it's not freezing, windy or slippery out there.  Whatever I have to do can wait until the "sun shines Nellie."

It's snowing right now - I'm home, I have the heat on and it's working just fine.

I'm wearing a sweat shirt, long sleeve shirt and sweat pants but still feel chilly.

Maybe it's mind over matter or maybe it's a cold coming on.


This morning when I read the Boston Globe there was a very interesting article about one of my very favorite actors, the 90 year old Carl Reiner, who has written a new memoir "I Remember Me."

What I found especially interesting was what George Shapiro, Carl's manager, tells the readers in this piece.

"Carl recently acquired an iPad, which he is learning to use. It's great because if he wakes up at 3 in the morning and has a tweet, he can just get it right out. I think he's the oldest living tweeter."

Aha, Carl's 90 - I'm a close 87! I tweet too!

When I see something like that in the paper  I share it with my son Steve.  I sent it off to him and "what do you know" no sooner could you say, "in the blink of an eye," I received an e-mail from Steve telling me that he's sending me a copy of Carl Reiner's book, "I Remember Me."

He also shared his purchase on twitter.

Now that's something that warms my heart!

Love it... And the snow as I hear about the power outages in JP
No snow here at the Tennessee and Kentucky border.
But rain and cold.
I yearn for Spring...
I like how it's staying lighter later. Spring is in the way.
I live in the other Florida aka Arizona, right now when you look at the license plates on cars in any parking lot you'd swear you were in Minnesota or Wisconsin.
Cool you are on Twitter. I will start following you.
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