Thursday, March 21, 2013
How many times have you decided that you would rather stay home and watch TV rather than make the effort to get dressed, put on your makeup or if you are a guy, take a shave and get out of those comfortable jean, just to maybe have a fun or interesting experience.

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I've heard all kinds of stories about people who have said to themselves, "maybe I'll just stay home, why make the effort, last time I went to that meeting it was dull, no one of interest was there, it's cold out, it's hot out."

They think negatively, so nothing happens.

When I was growing up I learned many things from my parents. Some things I learned by observing, some things I learned by listening, and some by what my mother told me.

One of the best things she ever told me was - "IF YOU DON'T GO OUT, NOTHING HAPPENS."

There are times when I choose to stay home. I'm tired, I don't feel well, there is a TV show I want to watch, or there's a book I want to read.

That's ok, but really nothing much happens.

And then there are times that I join some friends for dinner, for a a movie, or go to a meeting.

That's a good thing.

Sometimes there is an event that I want to go to, but no one I know is available or interested.

I go myself, and what do you know, I have a great time.

I recently went(myself) to a musical event that featured music of the 50's.

Colonial Theatre: Dreamgirls

I enjoyed it immensely.

Seated next to me was a woman who had also gone to the event by herself.

We got to talking and she told me about a book club in the area that she attends and told me where and when this group meets.

I marked my calendar!

There have been other occasions when I got to talk to people, learned about them, and what they enjoy doing.

Sometimes it's something I'd like to do too.

I'm not a gambler, but sometimes it's good to take a chance and try something new.

Now that I've told you about my mother's most impressive saying, I want to tell you what my favorite saying is to myself at this time in my life.


Sometimes it does seem easier to just stay in, particular on these cold, cold days. I looked back at this week, however, and found how easy it can be to get out. Tuesday, I volunteered at the library and I went to a short political meeting at the Senior Citizens Center (next door to our apartments). Yesterday there was a potluck in another building of our apartment complex. Today my daughter and I went shopping together. Tomorrow I'm traveling out of town with my brother so I can drive him home after he has out-patient surgery. If nothing else, I get out when I walk to another building to get my mail. Isn't it such fun to make new friends and acquaintances when you go to an event?!
That is great advice. Very encouraging. The carnival is in town this weekend where I live and so far 3 out of 3 friends are not interested. I even offered on Facebook to pay someone's way on 3 rides and no takers, as of yet. My fear is riding a ride by myself! I don't want people to think I'm weird! I'm old enough to know better, though. Reading your post was encouraging. You're right; if I don't go to the carnival at all, with or without someone, then no one will have any fun! My fun shouldn't depend on other people. And who knows, maybe there's someone else who is just as brave to go by herself and I could make a new friend.
Excellent advice, Millie. I will admit that this last month or two have found me at home more often (being sick had something to do with that) and I am ready to be out in the world again.
I find myself at home a lot. I want to go look for a blouse to go with a suit I have but can't bring myself to go out. It has been months since I was in a department store and I miss just walking around and looking. I keep remembering your mother's words and say I'm going to do something soon because life is too short!
Millie, I have stayed so much this winter. But when I do go out I always return with a smile and glad I did. A lot of interesting people out there who strike up conversations...
I for one like staying in, and as i looked at what i assume is your cozy arrangement, I thought why not be a couch potato? Dianne
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