Saturday, March 30, 2013
Passover - NOW AND THEN
Last Friday was Good Friday, tomorrow is Easter Sunday, and for the past eight days the Jewish people observed Passover.

These Spring-time holidays got me thinking about all the different ways, and different people I have shared Passover with over the years.

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When I was a child, Passover was celebrated at home with my mother, father and a few close family members.

The highlight of Passover is the observance of the Sedar which is held on the first and second nights.

During the service there is a point where we welcome Elijah to drink the wine that has been poured for him.

Every Passover, that I remember as a child, this took place.

I was a trusting child but I had my doubts about there really being an Elijah.

One Passover I had just "had it."

How could this happen? Who was this strange person, and how did he know to show up every year?

I JUST DIDN'T BELIEVE IT, so I decided to take a small piece of matzo and stick it on to Elijah's glass and see if he really did show up and take a drink!

No, he did not drink any of the wine!

Imagine what would have happened to him if he did partake in every Jewish home!

Oh my. Manischewitz!

Many of those years were shared with my family and my husband's family.  Most years  were at their homes and in later years when the families grew we would celebrate the holiday at a temple or a function hall.

As time went by changes happened - close family members were no longer with us. When the family got smaller it was back to observing Passover at home.

Being in Florida during Passover was a totally different experience! One year Aaron and I held the Seder at our Condo. There were a handful of cousins living in Florida at the time so we shared the holiday with them. One year we invited new and old friends for the evening.

One year we joined an organization which was holding a Seder at a fine country club. There was a Rabbi there to take us though the seder, there was a fine kosher meal with all the trimmings AND there was a band to dance to!

What a way to celebrate Passover! ONLY IN FLORIDA!

There were years that we went to restaurants that had a token service, not much of a seder but plenty of good food!

In my last few years in Florida my dear cousins invited me to share the holiday at their home with family and friends. Those get togethers were very special to me, every Seder had something special about it, the food was always great but the most memorable thing about it all was sharing the holiday with them.

Matzah, Maror, and Charoset.


Never did I imagine that I would be sharing a Seder with Steve and Carol at Brooksby Village.

There is a Jewish Council here that offers Friday night services, Jewish Films, a Yiddish Class and much more.

We joined a group of about one hundred people for a service and dinner right here on the premises.

A good time was had by all,  the guests participated in the service, the gefilte fish, chicken soup with matzo balls and the brisket were all delicious - and I didn't have to cook one bit!

Isn't it interesting how our celebrations change over the years? We have shared our holidays with many different sets of people in our families, and we always miss those who are no longer with us. Happy Holidays, Millie!

Exactly how I feel! Wishing you happy and healthy days ahead!
What a beautiful tradition! Thanks for sharing.
I like traditions! It's like a true past of your life...
I am glad your Passover treated you well...and the best didnt have to cook.. :)
I have attended this special time with my daughter's inlaws. Always enjoyed being with them and you reminded me of chicken soup. I love it and have tried to make but cammpt make it like this special motherinlaw.
One Woman's Journey
You have tried to make chicken soup like that special mother-in-law !

I finally gave up trying to make chicken soup like my mother made it - never came close- good but nothing like hers!

The only recipe she ever gave me was, "put in just enough." Ha!
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