Saturday, April 13, 2013
I'm sure you have heard the expression, "I was taken for a ride", which when used could mean "I didn't know what hit me" or "boy did that cost me big bucks."

Well, here's my story:

Steve had the opportunity to try out a new 2013 Cadillac ATS for a week.

He also had the thought that he wanted to take his mom for a ride to see how she felt about all that the car had to offer.

It so happened that I needed new patio chairs.

Steve knew they were on sale at Home Depot and thought they just might be what I was looking for.

What a great opportunity that was.

I would get a ride in that beautiful brand new Cadillac and also get the chairs I needed.

We made a date, he picked me up, and sure enough after trying various chairs I found a model that only looked good but they were also comfortable to sit on.

Anyone who's a senior and reading this knows, "the chair has to have arms and be easy to get out of!" Heaven forbid, if you sit in a chair without arms, you have a problem!

The attached video will tell you a lot about my experience that day and why I said "I was taken for a ride!"

I DID NOT KNOW that Steve had a camera going during that conversation!

If I could I would edit certain parts of the video but believe me, it's all au natural!

The chairs are great!

After Chair Shopping With Mom

charming...the both of you! I was always intrigued by the pulse/rhythm/syncopation...that Sinatra had. He would add just a millisecond hesitation or hold just a millisecond longer and it would be his style.
Tabor's right - that's a charming video and as soon as I'm done with this comment, I'll send a note to Peter Tibbles with a link to this so he can see you comment on his Sunday music column.

Great to see both of you...
You have a wonderful son. And you are a great mom. No wonder I love reading your web site! thanks
LOVE it! Thanks for sharing. Great picture of you two in the car....and on the patio. Cherish the days of spending time together. What a blesdsing.
Steve makes being taken for a ride a great delight!
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