Saturday, May 25, 2013
Going to the supermarket is a chore for me, but a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do.

Got her Carriage Back

There are times when I just need a few things, so I drop into a small store where I can pick up things like milk, bread or bananas, that tides me over until the time comes when I say, "Millie, you really have to go to the BIG market."

A few days ago I got the message and could not put it off any longer.

Truth be told, once I complete shopping at the BIG store, park my car and schlep my purchases into my apartment, I'm a very happy camper because I know I won't be going to the BIG store for awhile.

Supermarket Inserts are Hardcopy Pinterest Boards.

While I'm at the BIG store, my goal is to get the things that are on my list, use the coupons that I have taken with me and not succumb to the specials that are at the end of every aisle.

Fat chance!

I never succeed in all of those goals in one shopping trip.

Sometimes I go hunting in my bag for my list, can't find it, look for the coupons I have worked so diligently to bring along, and discover that they have expired and the items at the end of the aisle are really good buys!

I can always count on a free hot cup of coffee, which is located right near the wonderful pastry department.

Sometimes, if I'm lucky, there are some samples offered to the weary customers. I appreciate the opportunity to stop shopping, have a hot drink, and help them promote their pastry.

There are times I see someone I know who feels the same as I do about shopping, so we stop and have a chat.

I'm always on the look-out for a diversion.

There's the Guy that Took My Carriage

On a recent shopping trip I noticed what appeared to be a husband and wife shopping.

She was telling him that she wanted him to get her an item that was on the very top shelf. He reached for it, couldn't get it.

He stood on his tiptoes and still couldn't get it.

Finally he took his life in his hands and stood on a narrow shelf and was successful, HE GO IT!!!

Was the wife happy?

NO, he got the wrong item!!!

In a loud voice she said, "forget it, I'll get someone to help me."

I couldn't help thinking, "boy, what kind of marriage do they have?"

Next time I go to the market I hope I'll see something that will give me a laugh!

When you go to the market, do you see comedy and drama or just see high prices?

I just wish I'd remember everything when I go. I wander around like a lost soul!
I hope that you find something to make you smile next time . . . OR something really delicious that will cause you to to "off list".

Compassion for the couple that has those interactions. They might not always be like that.
Supermarkets can be an interesting soap opera or just a place to spend too much money.
I try to go as seldom as I can.
But seems I go every week just to get out of the woods...
Hi Millie,
I do not enjoy grocery shopping and afterwards having to put away the items. Now I am in a new passage of life. I go with a companion/shopper and this woman helps me so things are not so difficult.
Shopping is a necessary Evil so we have to keep a positive attitude.
The positive attitude has to flow in all areas of our Life.
The Lady in your post was not grateful ofor Positive.
I smile as I shop, I chat with others if they show a tendancy to chat, and I never hesitate to ask for help.
My favorite way is to say, "If I were (dish soap, or bread crumbs) where would I be?" and it always brings a smile and they show me not tell me. The unloading at home always seems to be a small problem but knowing I'm not going to run out right away is a comfort.
There is always drama at the Market Basket in Chelsea. Sometimes I have to wait 20-30 numbers at the deli counter, Now to me thats drama like i have never seen it!!!!! :(

Lisa Collins
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