Thursday, May 16, 2013
One thing is for sure: As time goes by, things change, even the way I see movies today.

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When I was a youngster, going to the movies was the big event of the week.

My mom would pack me a lunch, usually a salami sandwich, just in case I got hungry. After all, I child would need some nourishment after spending a few hours watching the news, the coming attractions, a short cartoon, and the main feature.

In those days I don't think the movie theaters sold popcorn or maybe because it was the depression era it was cheaper to make me a sandwich than to buy the popcorn?


Going to the movies with your friends was the thing to do on a Saturday night.

After the movie we would go to the local ice cream parlor and visit with the boys and girls.

One big thing I remember as a teenager was taking my young cousin to the movies for the first time, I was as excited taking her to the movies as she was seeing her first film.


When a young man took you out on a Saturday night it was to a movie and then a stop at a sandwich shop for a bite to eat. The fellows were just coming out of the service, money was tight, so it had to be a really special occasion if we went out to dinner.

I'm going to skip ahead now to the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's to the present day.

All these years I have been an avid movie goer.

If there was a good movie to see, I saw it. If a friend wanted to know about a movie, they would ask me. All this was happening before Google, I was their source of information and loved keeping up with the movies.


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How things have changed!

First, in my opinion, the movies have changed. There aren't many that I want to see, that's a turn-off right away.

It's been a few years since I've stopped going to the movies like I used to.

In the nine months that I have been living at Brooksby Village I have not been "off campus' to see a movie.

Recently on Monday nights Brooksby has shown Life of Pi, Lincoln and Les Miserables. Once a month a film with Jewish content and a foreign film are featured. That's a great opportunity for me to keep up with outstanding films.

I also get to see a movie on Comcast Xfinity ON DEMAND.

The other night I saw Neil Simon's "Brighton Beach Memoirs."

Now, that was a great movie!

I laughed, I smiled, I cried and remembered how wonderful a movie can be.

I agree completely, Millie. Most movies aren't interesting to me these days. There was one, however, that intrigued me - Beasts of the Southern Wild. The little girl in it was so fierce and natural that I recommended it to many friends.

Thanks Chris, movie sounds like something I might enjoy!
In the winter
I subscribe to Netflex
since I cannot garden :)
Difficult to find a movie I like.
You have some good suggestions
as well as my children.
Pass them on...
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