Thursday, May 02, 2013
NINE MONTHS LATER: What It's Like to Live at Brooksby Village
Ordinarily when you hear or read something that says "nine months" you think of the word, "pregnant!"

In this case, I'm referring to the length of time that I have been a resident at Brooksby Village.

Millie with new mirror at Brooksby Village
Image: Millie with new mirror at Brooksby Village

Here's a video that Steve took after I had been at Brooksby Village for one month.

What surprised me was that most of my thoughts and experiences were the same as how I feel today, nine months later.


The service is good, if I need some kind of help, I just make a call, and usually someone is Johnny on the spot or they refer me to someone that can provide the service I need.


Nine months ago I spoke about the friendly people that I was meeting. Well, that hasn't changed. As a matter of fact as time goes by I'm meeting more people, pretty much every day.

(Oh, if only I could remember their names!)

The other night my friend and I were seated at a table with a couple who had just returned from wintering in Florida. It turns out that the gentleman graduated from Chelsea High School a year after I did! We had quite a chat about the city, school and students that we both knew.


Brooksby Village Meal To-Go

While I was "doing all the things that you have to do" before making the "big move' I was under a lot of stress, I just lost my appetite. This continued for a few months. I kept losing weight even though the food was good and people were telling me that new comers get the Brooksby Bulge.

Not to worry, I'm back to normal, enjoying the food and do NOT have the Brooksby Bulge!


Steve did a great job zeroing in on my apartment and the beautiful grounds at Brooksby.

I've made a few changes in the apartment since I moved in.

Millie's Bedroom at Brooksby Village
Image: Millie's Bedroom at Brooksby Village

One recent purchase is an ottoman which will give me a place to put "out of season clothes and whatnots."


If Steve asked me the same questions today that he did nine months ago I would say, I feel the same way today as I did then.

Wouldn't change a word!


Thanks to Steve and Carol for their moral support, physical help, encouragement and love.

I wouldn't be here without their love and caring.

Yes, after nine months, I can say, "I'm very happy living here at Brooksby Village."

You are so fortunate but I think that is because you are a nice person and good fortune comes to those who are nice.
Sounds great!!!! I'm so glad you're happy there!!!
I really enjoyed the video. I often wonder if my mother in law would not have been happier in a place like Brooksby village than living next door to us, as she did in her last years.
We are delaying thinking about where we may eventually end up, because we figure we'll be OK through our 70's, as you were.
Best to you!

miygene Hi Millie, This is a test. The computer tech is fixing my computer and I want to see if it works. Will comment later
Love Nanci
Hi Millie, I am back again and I enjoyed your post Re; Brooksby Village. I feel you belong on the Marketing Team for the complex.
You would make a great Ambassador!
What a testimonial...Priceless!

I'm so glad you're HAPPY!
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