Saturday, June 08, 2013
I'm spending the whole day home, not going out to the market, not going to a doctors appointment, not going to get my hair done, not going to the bank, not playing Mah Jong, not going to the movies, not even going to dinner at the clubhouse.

After Chair Shopping With Mom: On the Patio

Imagine being delighted just to do the laundry, pay some bills, straighten out some drawers, make some overdue phone calls and even make a post!

I've been out just about every day this week.

At my age if I'm out two days in a row, I have to stay home the third day.

Sometimes I am able to control how I spend my time, sometimes I don't want to miss the game, the movie, or the concert, so I just GO.

Last week was particularly "NICE BUSY."

I took advantage of a trip offered by Brooksby to go into Boston's Symphony Hall to see the Boston Pops Orchestra conducted by Keith Lockhart.

The program was, "Music From The Man Men Era." I had to go, no question.

I got more than I bargained for - not only did I hear music from that time period, Steve Lippia sang many of the Sinatra ballads. He didn't sound like Sinatra, but he had a great voice and it was a pleasure to hear the songs from that time period.

And then a big surprise - a large screen was lowered and what do you know, there was the opening scene and music to the TV show Mad Men!

THEN there were moments from previous episodes featuring stars from the show PLUS members of the POPS inserted into the action.

For those of you who watch Mad Men you know how many episodes have Don Draper in the elevator, Well in one scene Keith was in the elevator with Don!

The audience loved that!!! Me too!!!

Modern technology is wonderful!

I've had a great time today and it's not over yet.

Planning on heating up an easy supper, relaxing with a glass of wine, maybe even have a little ice cream for desert, and then put my feet up and look for a good movie on TV.

Can you stay home and be content or do you have to run?

I am quite content to stay at home. In fact, in the winter I actually "schedule" starting my truck so that it does not sit too long and forget how to run when I need it. It is quite common for me to only go to town twice a month during the winter months. Having internet access helps me enjoy the world through more energetic folk, like yourself!
All during my working years, I looked forward to being home and not having to get up and go, go, go. When I did retire 2 years ago, I found that many people and organizations had also looked forward to my retirement and had many plans for all my "spare time." Ha! I determined that at this time in my life I could cheerfully give 2 days a week to being on the go but the other days were mine, mine, mine! I love my "at home" days when I can putter in the kitchen and garden, read, quilt, and nap as I please. So in answer to your question, Yes, I can stay at home and be perfectly content.
Oh, this post is for me.
I love being at home, my cottage by the woods and in the garden
or just sitting with my camera.
A life of busyness and now in my 70's still to busy for me.
Healing from cataract surgery and it looks like my eyesight has drastically improved.
Take care and do what you want to do...
Hi Millie,
I LOVED YOUR POST!! You're in the elevator with Don Draper and you're LUCKY!
Thank you for the Sinatra Songs I could understand them but I prefer Frank singing them however I enjoyed them.
When I am out 2 days in a row I have to recharge on the 3rd day
This post is a Winner!!!!!
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