Monday, July 29, 2013
Why, oh why have I elected to stay home today, even cancelled a dinner date with a group of ladies who are very good company?

Why haven't I made a blog post in a while?

Why did I HAVE to take a nap this afternoon?

Why should I be so wiped out?

How could I figure this out?

Ok, a light went on and I looked at my calendar!!!

The activities of the past two weeks had me on the go practically every single day!

For a lady who will soon be eighty-eight, it was just too much.

Some of things I did that had me on the go:

A check-up with a Doctor - There's always an appointment with some type of Doctor!


The Glenn Miller Story - A Monday night movie
Have seen this movie a number of times but can never get enough "Miller"

Summer Fun with Charlie Chaplin

The Gold Rush
Saw this film many years ago and the one scene I remember is when "the Tramp"
is so hungry he cooks his "SHOE" and carefully bastes it so it's done just right.  He slices the shoe with great care and then like a fine gentleman eats the shoelaces like he's eating pasta!!!

City Lights
Charlie Chaplin was a perfectionist and when he was making this movie he had a problem - how to end the film -  he paid the entire company for months until he came up with the ending and what an ending it was!!!  I laughed during the film and at the end he had me in tears.

Tuesdays it's a Mah Jongg game. The past two weeks I was a winner - doesn't always happen!

Have a season ticket for musicals at the North Shore Music Theatre

This month it was "The Wizard of Oz."
The cast members did a fine job and even Toto, Dorothy's dog did what he had to do every step of the way!

There was more but you get the idea!

When I choose to control my time, I plan on being out and about two days in a row, and the third day I stay home and "play catch-up."

Today has been a great day to stay home, catch my breath and get ready for another week which I hope will find me spending some time on my patio, relaxing. reading and not running around!

The3 Oz trailer was very entertaining so you must have enjoyed the show. But remember our bpdies need the down time too. So take care.
Clearly you do not have laundry, dishes, bills to the rest of us. LOL

I did take some down time today. Sat down - paid bills and made some phone calls.

Felt good to stay home and play "catch-up" again.


LOL clearly I do have laundry and bills to pay. Stayed home today and did things like the rest of you do! ;-)
I can go 2 days in a row and that is all. Usually home 5 days in a week. But, cooking, gardening, cleaning and on and on for only One Woman...
I'm enjoying a little down time right now but will soon be on the go again.
Always entertaining to read about you and your doings.
Hi Millie,
I enjoyed the Wizard of Oz trailer and I have the same schedule. 2Days Out and the next day is to recharge.

Today I couldn't move.
Sunday Out to Dinner and Monday Shopping for groceries and produce.
Tuesday At Home.
I guess that's Normal even though we don't want to face the changes.
Remember you called it A CHANGE OF LIFE. I had the nerve to say DETERIORATION.I GUESS WE HAVE TO SLOW DOWN! even though we have the Spirit to Go!
Love how active you are!
It is always fun to read your posts. I am only 71 and look to you for inspiration and advice about life along the way. I like the suggestion today to take time to collect yourself periodically and sit down and write. Dianne
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