Thursday, October 10, 2013
I don't expect there will be many people rushing to read this "How To" post but bare with me, I have to get this off my chest.


Up until last winter I had been spending the cold months in sunny Florida. There have been times when someone will ask me, "Do you miss Florida?"

Image: Walter CC BY

My first reaction has been, no, I really didn't mind being up North in the winter. I just don't go out when it is bitter cold.

Now when people ask me the same question, I have a different answer.

Yes, what I miss is how easy it was to find a small shop that catered to an elder like me. The shops were small, the staff was helpful and the prices were moderate.

Oh, and shopping at a flea market was terrific!

When I went into the fitting room the salesperson would check on me - "Do you need another size, another color or a different style?" And all this with a smile.


There's a world of difference when I have to go clothes shopping up here.

I put it off as long as I possibly can, but there comes a time when a woman has got to do what a woman has got to do.

I have loads of spring and summer clothes but they don't do me any good in the cold months, so I finally decided to go out into the real world and try to find some clothes that would fit me.

I expected to find no moderately priced little shops, and no helpful salespeople.


The time came, I made up my mind, I couldn't postpone it any longer. Made myself a hearty lunch, a strong cup of coffee and took two Aleve.

I was as ready as I was ever going to be!

Image: North Shore Mall Courtesy SIMON PROPERTY GROUP

I entered the shop with high hopes.

Maybe this was the day I would find something!

Well, apparently Wednesday was a good day to shop because I found TEN sweaters that were priced right, my size, good colors and did not have to be hand washed.

Into the fitting room I went!

The long and short of this story is, nothing fit!

I came home wiped out.

I wasted my time and used up all my energy.


For the longest time I've been considering shopping on line.

After this fiasco, I decided to order something from a sportswear company, no shipping charges, and if I have to return the items they enclose a return package.

Wish me luck!

How about you, do you shop online?

I've shopped online for years with pretty good results. Just be careful and take a look a the feedback. A lot of your favorite stores probably have sites. Good luck!!!!
Oh, gracious yes!! I shop online!! I gave up shopping for clothes in stores several years ago. I don't have to deal with driving, parking, walking from place to place nonexistent salespeople, or standing in line. I buy my daily wear clothes from LLBean and my dress up clothes from Chico's. Underwear from JCPenny and shoes from Zappo. I especially like LLBean because I use their credit card and get free shipping both ways if I need to exchange something and their call center people actually take time to be pleasant to me. It may take a few tries to find stores you like and sizes that fit correctly but Oh what a relief it is!!
I rarely shop for clothes these days - I have a closet full of stuff - much of it years old and not doubt out of style. I want to get a black or dark grey business type suit - and I think I will have to find a custom tailor for that as not much fits me. I am short, small boned, and thin - clothes today have been "upsized" so now even xs is too big.
I buy online - LLBean -for most things as I tend to dress in a very casual style. Running clothes from Runningwarehouse.Com - free shipping both ways.
Mall stores tend to act as if I am invisible - so I treat them the same way - as invisible -and rarely go to the mall. They are only interested in very young customers who spend mindlessly.

T haven't shopped for clothes in stores or on line in a long time. But I do buy books and small appliances on line and am happy with the results.
I have been shopping online for years and have been very pleased with the result. I order casual clothes from Land's End and dressier things from Nordstroms. And it is so much fun to find a package at the getting a present. Gladys
I like shopping online. I got a lovely travel dress and linen pants from Travel Smith that have done my wardrobe a world of good. I am lucky in that standard size XL fits me fine in most things. And I'm tall.
Confession: I get my underwear at Wal-Mart! Best selection, best prices. Stores are uncluttered and easy to navigate (they even provide motorized chairs you can tool around in), and you aren't knocked over by perfume smells and distracting displays and miles of handbags as in conventional department stores. And parking is free! I am as liberal as the next person, but I think also that we have been gulled into believing that only WalMart is evil (and low class, of course). Retail is evil! So let's just get what we need however we can get it.
I think elders should demand service and not let ourselves be intimidated when we are shopping. We deserve good service, just like younger people.

I enjoy shopping online, relaxing at home, browsing retailer websites and finally purchasing. Some sites are not user friendly, so I pass them by and find ones easier to use. And it is great for locating items on sale.
Hi Millie
I have to reinforce myself when I go out so I have I will have the energy to shop.
I needed something cheerful yesterday so I went into my closet and shopped. The bright colors of the top is still in style and it made me feel good. Infact many people commented on the pretty top.
I get catalogs with Free Shipping
and I have good luck. I like Zappos and I will try Nordstroms forsomething dressier.
Good Luck and you might need a good tailor to customize your purchase.
Hi, Millie!
I have shopped online for several years and love it! I can look and compare from many stores without leaving my comfy chair... I shop at Nordstroms, jjill, Chico's, LL Bean, etc., most have free shipping and returns, if they don't they will usually have sales when they will offer free shipping, so I watch for those! I love Amazon and Zappos for shoes, handbags, and just about any thing I need, also free shipping and returns. I have had good experiences even with small business shops. I enjoy reading your blog and hope you enjoy online shopping as much as I have!
Millie, I have never liked all the trying on clothes part of shopping. The online thing has been my shopping of choice for 15 or so years. My husband and I even buy most of our shoes online. Have a good time shopping and trying on in the convenience of your own home!
I use the online service for stores I generally shop. It saves time and money. I'm able to do a broader search for what I want without running all over town and tiring myself out; plus, I get an alert for sales. I browse the sites from time to time, tag something I want at full price, wait for the sale and nab it online. Sometimes for as much as 60% off. AND, if I end up with a purchase that doesn't fit or live up to what I expected (rarely happens), there's an easy return policy included. If I see something on an unfamiliar site, I'll order the item through Amazon. I don't like to use my credit card online, but most sites are set up for Paypal.
Shopping online is the only way to go in my book. I love it. Great post Millie. Dianne
Oh Millie, I now buy most online.
Do not like malls and small shops are difficult to find in my area.
I love LLBean and use their credit card, also a lot of clothes and shoes now on Amazon. I have never had a problem returning for immediate credit if it was not pleasing. Everything I buy has free shipping and no charge for returns - just leave off a post office or local UPS store in my small town...
Good luck
Millie,I might add I always call their phone number for customer service and order talking to someone - have never ordered strictly by email...
AMazing thank you.
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