Saturday, February 01, 2014
I'm Home

I'm home, and back on the telephone, learning how to take a photo with my webcam.

looking good -
Wonderful to know you're back home Millie
Are you sure you're 88! Welcome home.
I know it is good to be home but you need to take it easy.

So glad to see you home. I wouldn't have a clue how to take a picture with my webcam. Now I'm going to have to figure that out to keep up!
I've been following you for several years. Glad you are home.
Glad you are feeling better and are back home. Take care.
I am very glad you're back at home and smiling.
I'm very happy to know you are back home and looking well, I might add.
Good to see you again, I missed your blog entries.
You look wonderful! So glad your home.

Welcome home. I am so glad to see you back on the computer and blogging. :)
Lovely to see you! Dianne
You're looking good!
Hi Millie,
That is a beautiful photo from the webcam.
I think the Webcam or the Hospital
made you look 30 years younger!!!!!!!!!!!
I want that webcam to take out all my wrinkles.
Have a great day and good luck!
Wishing you a Happy , Healthy Everyday!
Hooray for being home!!!!!

Lots and lots of gentle hugs,
And you are looking great as you learn another skill!
Glad you're feeling better. I had to get a new blog. Do come by!!!
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