Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Did you ever have the experience that while it was happening you thought, "this is just not working out right." Well that's what happened to me yesterday.

Monday night is movie night here at Brooksby. Usually it's a good old film. Last night was different! "The Butler," a 2013 film was to be shown at 7:15. The girls and I made plans to have an early dinner so we'd be sure to make the film at 7:15.

It so happens that I had a late afternoon appointment with a doctor - yes, I'm still seeing those guys. I showed up on time but the doctor was running a half hour late. (so what else is knew) eventually I got seen, had to meet the girls at 5:00 in the dining room. Somehow I made it!

We were a party of six, needed a large table so we had to be seated in the private dining room. We told the host that we had plans to attend the evening movie. We were seated and waited and waited - no one showed up! I went to the front desk and told the host our problem. He found out that someone had neglected to assign a server for our table!

We were seated at 5:25 and did not get our entree until 6:40 p.m!

When we arrived at the movie it was 7:10 p.m. Biggest crowd we've ever had!

Ok, it's 7:15 - nothing is happening! Finally the person in charge told us the PROBLEM she was experiencing. "The person who was supposed to bring and show the film was not responding to her telephone call. What to do!!!

Someone had to go to the man's apartment and find out WHY!
Come to find out, he forgot!!!

Meantime this large crowd was waiting patiently. (I wonder if young people would have been so patient)

There was a gentleman in the crowd that said he would be able to show the film once it got to the theater.

While we were waiting the lady in charge told a few jokes and some people in the audience put their two cents in too.
The jokes were corny but very well received by the audience!

The Butler took me through a vivid trip of three decades of history while he served eight presidents.

Considering all the things that were not going right, in the end we laughed about the whole experience!

Thus you have proven that you bend and do not break!
We younger ones would for sure not have been as patient. We're too accustomed to instant gratification. Such a shame.
I've wanted to watch The Butler for a long while now, and you've just reminded me of it. I heart it's a great film.

Hi Millie, The Butler was a man of great patience.
If you didn't laugh you would have cried. The treatment you received was unacceptable.
The restaurant has to be accountable for their lack of service.
Good night
What is the saying? All is well that ends well. I'm glad you finally got to see the film.
At times I anticipate a wonderful experience and, like you, a series of mishaps interferes. Other times, I'm anticipating nothing special and have a glorious time with everything working wonderfully. I guess the secret is getting beyond the mishaps and having an enjoyable time, as you did, or, when things exceed your expectations, celebrating the moment.
Hi Millie, I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better and are going out to dinner and movies again. Mark L
Good to hear that you went to a movie even if it took some time to get to see it.
I haven't seen The Butler, now I feel I should!
Do you think the bad weather may have made it hard for people to get to work on time?
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