Sunday, March 16, 2014
Having some laughs with the doctors.
Here's and update on my mom's fix-up surgery.

Everything went extremely well.

She's doing great and having some laughs with the doctors.

They are unhooking her from things and she's going for three walks today ;-)

Might get discharged Monday or Tuesday.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Get well soon, Millie. We need you back online.
Glad to hear all went well and she is improving.
lets hope she will be discharged soon and feeling well..
Thank you, Steve for keeping us updated. Millie, I hope you are up and about soon.
Steve, thanks so much for keeping us updated. Even in the hospital her upbeat spirit certainly shines through. Remind her how we all love and miss her.
Steve please give her our good wishes for a speedy recovery.

Yup, as my mother used to say, "Up and at em." And I know you will. Get well soon.
One step at a time...Love to hear everything went well. Love to hear you are having some laughs with the doctors and that your spirits are good.Get well soon!
I was glad to see Steve's post about your hospital stay. Knowing you're in a good, safe place with doctors who laugh is wonderful news. Get well quick.
Get well soon Millie, I look forward to your blogs. I love to share funny things with others and anything that will make people laugh or not take themselves so seriously. Live is too short. Hope you will be up and around soon doing that which you love best.
Hang in there, Millie. Feel better soon.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I hate hospitals so I'm rooting for you to get to go home today. I've even made a mad escape from a hospital stay when the dr said I was fine, but it took too long for the paperwork!
Here's to a speedy recovery Millie. I know your sunny attitude will help you get well quickly.
Warm regards.
Sending hugs! Get better soon.
Sending you get well wishes. Love your smile.
Thinking of you & sending lots of positive well. Dee
Millie, I am wishing for you and hoping that you will be home soon and feeling good as new!!
I am pleased that everything went so well! I hope you get sprung soon! I always rest better in my own home. XXX
As always, Millie, the best of luck and outcomes to you. And - thank you, Steve, for keeping us updated.
Cop Car

P.S. Millie, if you got any new parts in the operation, can you recommend a good "spare parts" store?

Good to hear you are doing well Millie...I'll let my Mom know.
Hi Millie, So glad to hear you're on the Road to Recovery!
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