Wednesday, March 19, 2014
I'm Home!
Happy to be home.

must be nice to be in your bed... lets hope all will be well....
Welcome home!
Wishing you continued healing. So happy you are in your own home with your things around. Take good care.
One step closer to being the old Millie again. I hope the recovery is soon.
Glad you are able to be home!
I am so pleased to see this news! Is there anything more comfortable than ones own bed? I hope your recovery is pain-free and fast! XXX
We all are very happy that you are home as well. Hope that there is a nurse nearby to assist with your I am sure your son has a full-time job. ;-)
I'll bet you're happy to be home. Rest well.
there is no place like home.
Take care
and continue to heal..
Home always feels sooo good, doesn't it? Sending happy healing vibes your way!
Hi Millie,
So glad you're HOME!

Glad you're on the Road to Recovery
and I wish you a speedy get back to Normal.
Steve did a great JOB on the communications
Love U
Glad you are home and comfortable.
I "bumped into your blog" through "As Time Goes By" blog, and I am glad I did. I, too, am from Chelsea (a long time ago) and have lived in NYC for over 50 years. Get well soon and start blogging again, it is delightful.
Carol K G
Glad you made it home, perhaps even without having to make a run for it. Hope you have a quick recuperation period.
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