Monday, April 07, 2014
Today happens to be April 7.

It's a special day for one of thee most special, talented, knowledgeable, humorous, thoughtful, caring and good looking bloggers in the world.

That happens to be my opinion, but anyone who reads Ronni's blog, "Time Goes By" will surely agree with me.

As far as "good looking", just take a look at this photo of "sparkling Ronni!"

Whatever you are doing Ronni, keep on doing it.

Wishing you much happiness and joy today and all year long!

Please add my most Happy Birthday to the wishes. She sure does look happy already.

Oh my. Thank you, Millie. I'm having a quiet day doing absolutely nothing I don't want to do. I'm going to a favorite restaurant for lunch, but then I'll be home with Ollie the cat.

This is the first day this year that's it's warm enough to open all the windows. Both the cat and I will enjoy.

Thank you, thank you, Millie.
I agree with everything you said! Happy Birthday to Ronni!
Hi Millie,
GREAT photo of Millie and ..... Happy & Healthy Birthday wishes to Ronni!

Sorry it is late and I meant to say GREAT PHOTO OF Ronni and the wishes are correct Happy and Healthy everyday!
Glad you are back to blogging as well!!
So glad that you're blogging again, and thanks for the reminder to say Happy Birthday to Ronni.
Millie, so good to read your words online - again. Stay Well.
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