Saturday, June 28, 2014
Do you remember the TV show "Kids Say the Darndest Things" hosted by Bill Cosby? That show was always good for a laugh. When Cosby asked the little one a question you could never imagine what the response would be.

I thought about that show as a result of what happened here recently.

One day last week I had a friend visit. Joining her was her five year old grandson. Kevin was a very well behaved child who brought along a small bag of miniature cars to play with. He spent some time on my patio and after a while came indoors and played with his toys on the rug.

His grandmother told me that he loves his cars, is very creative and spends lots of time making stories about them. We had a lovely afternoon and I was very impressed with this little guy who made no waves, was content with what he was doing, and the entire afternoon there was not a peep out of him.

The next day as I was walking through my living room I noticed the tray that I keep on an end table was in an awkward position. That's not the way I would ever place it! Even when I have my cleaning lady, she dusts and places the items back where she finds them.

As I pondered the changed position of the tray I keep looking at the table and realized a favorite and handsome little frog was missing!!!

Oh my goodness - could that sweet little youngster have taken it? I thought about it for a few minutes and decided that I had to call my friend and tell her (in the most gentle way) that my lovely frog was missing.

Fortunately she did not lose her cool and told me she would question Kevin about it.

She called the next day.

I was very happy and relieved when I heard Kevin's story. Looking at it from the eyes of a five year old I can now understand what went through his mind!

To paint the picture clearly I must tell you that I have a large wooden bird cage in the corner of my living room.

When he saw that adorable frog sitting alone on that big table he thought that the frog would be happier in the bird cage where nothing could happen to him!

Kids can do the darndest things and we have to try and understand them!

Have you had any experiences where you try to understand what is going on in their little heads?

Hi Millie,
What a lovely story!
It started out as a mystery and the end was a very sweet solution.
The age of Innocence.... and if only the world were run by children what a lovely place it would be to live in..
That Frog looks happy in the cage!
Thank you,
Lovely story, Millie! Kids do strange things, don't they?

How wonderful that you didn't have the problem of having to correct a child for taking something of yours.
What a sweet story - kids are amazing - my granddaughter also comes out with very funny ideas.
Our grandchildren come to visit for long periods of time. I never know where I will find certain items after they go home, nor do I care. It's fun to find these things and remember the good times we had while they visited. It's sort of their reminder to Gramma and Grampa that they loved their time with us.
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