Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Last week I wrote about the loss of my love, and involvement, of the show "Mad Men."

How was I going to manage without knowing about each of the characters lives?

I had to adjust, make up my mind and wait until next season.

Surprise! Considering I'm a woman close to ninety, I found someone else!

Who could imagine that I could find someone that I would care for so soon after a break-up. Well, it happened to me last week!

Matthew Gilbert, who writes for the Boston Globe, introduced me to "Louie," and I have been involved with Louie ever since.

I've seen all of Louie's shows that I could get "On Demand" and am right up to date on the current shows.

This FX series - created, written, produced and directed by it's star, Louis C.K. is a most unique show - drama and comedy - mostly drama of every day life.

When I think of a comic doing a TV show, I think of someone like Jerry Seinfeld. He and his gang got themselves in trouble, but not really serious situations - there was always a laugh.

Louie is a guy who is an insecure, lonely, divorced middle-aged comic with two young daughters. He lives in New York, his neighborhood is noisy, he has a bad back and an unsympathetic doctor.

None of this sounds funny, and it isn't, but it's done so well, you really have empathy for the guy.

A few episodes take us into his "love life." Yvonne Strahovski is the girlfriend, and what a character she is!

She makes mud out of him, but he loves her!

In one of the outstanding episodes, they went back in time, and told the story of Louie when he was a teenager. No humor in that one but a very powerful story was told!

If an award is to be given, that episode should get it!

OK, I lost Mad Men, found Louie, and you know what - This past Monday was the season finale.

How much can a woman my age take?

Well, I have to learn a lesson from Louie and take one day at a time and find something to laugh about!

Has anyone else been going through what I have experienced?


Matthew Gilbert:
‘Louie’: Finely tuned bleakness
The darkness and light of ‘Louie’

Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee:
LOUIS C.K. "Comedy, Sex and The Blue Numbers"

Louie has been on my list of shows to watch for awhile. I still need to watch that one.

Try watching The Middle on ABC, Wed at 8pm. It is a fantastic show. It is on summer hiatus, but maybe you can catch up on the last season for the summer.
Hi Tamar

Thanks for telling me about The Middle. I'll go on demand and see what that show is about.

There is so little good stuff on TV - so thanks again for the suggestion.

How do you make mud from a man?

Hi, I don't know how old you are but in my day we would say, "she's making mud out of that guy" meaning, she's making nothing out of him, he's worthless, a big nothing, a no- account etc. etc.
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