Saturday, July 12, 2014

Whenever I spend the day with Steve and Carol it is a happy day, and yesterday was no exception!

We enjoy each others company.

I always have something that needs repairing, adjusting and seldom need anything opened.

I'm pretty good at that now!


The British Beer Company recently opened up just a five minute ride from where I live. Steve has eaten in this restaurant in other locations and was anxious to see what this one was like, So yesterday we paid a visit to this casual eating and beer place.

From what I observed, they specialize in pizza and beer.

As a matter of fact the pizza dough has beer in it!

We ordered a pizza and a greek salad, which was large enough to serve the three of us. The salad could even have served four people.

The pizza dough was just right and the toppings were delicious. I took two pieces home!


A few months ago I finally broke down and invested in hearing aids.

I'd been having trouble hearing especially when having dinner in the main dining room. It's a large room with high ceilings and many soft spoken ladies. We usually are seated at a large table of six and as I have said, a few ladies speak very softly. I have asked them to speak up - to no avail. Not only that but one of the ladies takes her hand and places it in front of her mouth so it makes it even more difficult to hear what she says! I relayed this to a friend of mine and her reaction was, "maybe she has bad teeth!"

Some nights when I go to the dining room my hearing instruments (that's how the dealer refers to them) are so loud that I have to remove them. There are times when they help, but I find that I still need adjustments.

Now getting back to what I experienced at the British Beer Company, you ain't heard nothing yet!

It was SO EXTREMELY LOUD that I had to remove my hearing instruments and place them in a little container that I carry just in case I have a problem. By the way, when the waiter was seating us he did say that we were being seated in a quiet area! Ha!

We were all pleased with the drinks and food that we had but the noise was a turn-off.

As we were leaving my daughter-in-law said the next time we crave pizza, they would stop, pick it up, and we would have it at my nice quiet apartment! ;-)

Hi Millie,
The Food looks delicious!

The BEST part of the meal is sharing it with your children!
And that's what makes it a HAPPY DAY!

Enjoy the day!

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My father's doctor told him it would take time to get used to hearing aids because you are stimulating nerves that have long been idle. Give it time, keep working on adjustments, but don't give up! You look younger by the way...maybe hearing helps with that?
I am very happy with my hearing aids. They have opened up a new world for me. Hang in there Millie it is going to be fine.
Do your hearing aids have adjustments for various kinds of situations? Mine has one that amplifies in the speech range without picking up all those banging and crashing and echoing noises that you get in restaurants.

What a thoughtful son and DIL. David says he must remove his hearing aids in noisy places too.
I, too, am getting used to hearing aids. Because I have a deaf grandchild with cochlear implants, I was probably more aware than I would otherwise have been that I would have an adjustment period. I knew it could take a while for the audiologist to map out the correct programs so that hearing aids work well for me. She has had to make changes to the built-in program that allows me to hear individual voices in noisy places, for example. I also needed a special music program so that my piano didn't sound like a harpsichord! I also knew from my granddaughter that I would have to work up gradually to wearing them so I got used to the new heightened noise levels. It can be frazzling to be exposed to more noise. I'm learning from my grandchildren: I hope they're learning from me, too!
Looks so good. I had a really high fever about 12 years ago
and lost hearing in right ear.
Nothing can help. But have no problem unless someone is sitting on that side and talks unusually
soft :)
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