Sunday, August 17, 2014
Hi, Steve here,

Before we get to my mom's post about opening things, I want to jump in here and wish her a happy 89th Birthday!
Have a Great Day.
Love Steve

Now back to my mom:

A few years ago my son Steve and I did a series of videos called "I Can't Open It."

There was always something that I could not open!

I always had a running list of things that were impossible for me to open.

Doing those videos were fun and a learning experience for me. I learned how to open most everything so we discontinued that series.

Time passes and we can always count on change which leads me to the current time and a story to tell.

One day last week I had the pleasure of spending time with a friend of mine and her daughter.

My friend has been living in Florida for many years and recently moved back to Massachusetts.

I invited them to visit me here at Brooksby, have lunch in the dining room, see the grounds and spend time at my apartment.

Would you believe that in all the time that I have lived here, I've never had lunch in the Overlook dining room.

I'm just not a lunch person so it was a treat for me. The reason I'm even mentioning this is because I really enjoyed what I had.

So you say, "so what was so special about your lunch?"

I had a BLT on WHITE toast bread! Haven't had a sandwich like that in years - who eats white bread today? Me, Me, Me!

Now, getting back to my visitors - I was concerned about the distance my friend would have to walk from the clubhouse to my unit. I welcome the walk that I have, it may seem like a long walk to some people but I don't mind it at all, it gives me some exercise which I wouldn't get otherwise.

I have a unit that is on the first floor, my patio faces the clubhouse and if I chose to, instead of trampling through long corridors I thought she would appreciate a much shorter walk - I took the shortcut.

We get to my place, I pull out my key and "I could not open the door." I tried, she tried, - no, it would not open!!!

Finally, I left them sitting in comfortable chairs getting a suntan while I trampled off the long way round, came to my front door, the key worked, I got in and opened the patio door. Success!!

My friend's daughter took the video you are about to see!

So things haven't changed that much - I still can't open everything! ;-)

A fantastic post Millie. The information is useful to us all. keep up the good work. Also a special thanks to Steve for filming and opening every thing first!
Hi Millie,
I enjoyed "I Can't Open it"
I had belly laughs with you and I will play them over and over again!

Thank you Steve for a job well done!
Millie you do not get older as time goes bye and your sense of humor makes me laugh with you.

I love it!
You're so funny

AND A GREAT YEAR AHEAD and many more years to come!!!!
Happy 89 years today, Millie. Be sure to drop by my place for a special celebration.
A very happy, happy birthday. Have a great day!
Happy Birthday Millie. Grand post, thank you.

Thank you for sharing as always, Millie!
Best wishes for a fantastic day today, and for many healthy and happy birthdays ahead.
Wonderful post. And have a wonderful birthday.
Happy Birthday, Millie! I'm so fortunate to have had the privilege of interviewing you~
Warm wishes for your health and happiness,
Irene S. Levine

Happy 89th Millie and thanks for the good laugh with your post today.
Besos, Pamela xxx
Happy Birthday Millie.
Looks like you are 'opening up" a new year. Hope it's a great year of many adventures.
Millie, you have a very cool blog.

Here comes a smooth two cheek kiss and gentle hug from doctafill in Montreal.

Enjoy your day!
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Celebrate all month!
Happy birthday Millie and welcome to the 89's club.
Happy Birthday, Millie, from one of Ronnie's readers. I will start reading your blog, too!
Happy Birthday. I enjoyed this post.
Happy Birthday, Millie! Thank you for all your good humor and for keeping your face to the sunshine. I enjoyed your videos and appreciated the wonderful relationship you have with Steve and Carol. Auguri!
Happy, Happy Birthday to You! I admire your joy and zest for life. I hope I can be as happy as you are!
Stopping in to wish you a Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday from a lady living in Paris, France, and reading your blog with great pleasure !
Very enjoyable blog. Hopefully some of the mfg. see it.
Happy to meet you, Millie. I loved your post and I really look forward to following you. I just commented on your blog buddy, Ronni's blog. A Happy Birthday to you!
Again, a happy birthday, Millie. You are and look fantastic!! I'm sorry you couldn't open the door and hope that won't happen again.

Happy, happy, happy birthday my dear blogging friend. You are such an inspiration. I have many things...mostly bubble wrapped items or plastic bagged items that are impossible to open without scissors. I am glad you got inside, but stuff like that always seems to happen when you have visitors!
These days I find myself having issues with packaging all the time too.
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