Monday, August 04, 2014
Report: Charlie Baker, Massachusetts candidate for Governor, at Brooksby Village in Peabody
Steve here.

I asked my mom to let me know what she thought of Charlie Baker, Massachusetts candidate for Governor. Baker spoke at her retirement community, Brooksby Village, today.

She sent me this email:
Hi Steve,

Was very impressed with CB. His father introduced him, well spoken, worked in Washington. CB well over 6 feet tall. Got to shake hands with him - strong handshake - felt like he did some hard work with hands.

Large attendance - Spoke clearly, down to earth - lives in Swampscott.

Ran for governor in 2010 - lost - decided to run again - some people run because they want the job - he’s running because he wants to do the job.

When he was a youngster his parents - one a Democratic - one a Republican would have conversations about the government and he learned how strongly they felt.

Voters will be asked to vote on Question 1 - re gas tax - change it so that it does not automatically increase every year due to inflation. Vote YES.

Education in schools should not be because you live in certain area code. Should be good wherever you live.

How to help economy - help bring in small businesses. That would increase employment

Re: prisons - Those who have mental or physical problems should be helped by other means - not put in prisons. Prisons should be for violent criminals.

Question from audience: What’s first thing you will do when in office? Hire the most outstanding people and they in turn will get outstanding people.

Isn’t that what Obama and Walsh have done and they try to do?

One thing he said that you would have liked hearing. Get the state running more efficiently with state of the art technology. He’d go right over to MIT and get them to help.

Re: Registry of Motor Vehicles. They are open to suite their time frame. They are working for the PEOPLE and should be open for when the workers can come and not have to take time off from work.

Young people are leaving Ma. because cost of housing is high. State should make it easier for builders to build housing that young people can afford.

Question asked - how does he feel about casino in MA. He’d vote YES - try ONE in Springfield because city needs help.

I’m surprised that I remembered so much of what he said - he really made a positive impression on me. I’m glad that I went. -

Look forward to hearing what the Democratic candidate will have to say.

Great email from my mom.

Do you have any thoughts about the Massachusetts governors race?


This is impressive. Charlie Baker liked my mom's email!

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