Sunday, March 29, 2015
Every few weeks my son and daughter-in-law take me on an adventure!

It might be just going to the supermarket or running some little errand that needs to be taken care of but believe me - it's never a routine trip.

There is something special that happens every time.

Just spending time with them is special!

The other day the plan was to go to a fairly new Wegman's in the area. It's huge, has a large variety of prepared foods and in many instances the price is "right."

As we were riding along in my son's gorgeous new Mercedes-Benz he said that he wanted to stop at the dealership to have his car washed and vacuumed.

OK, fine - that would give me the opportunity to see and experience the new Mercedes-Benz of Burlington dealership I have been reading about.

As soon as we drove in someone was there to greet my son and find out what service he needed.

Ok, great.

My first impression of the place - it did not look like they were selling cars - it just looked like a very impressive place to leisurely shop for shirts, jackets and various gift items.

But, the best is yet to come!

While the customer is waiting to have their car serviced, they are invited to the Coffee Bar for coffee or a cappuccino. You can also choose to have a manicure at the Nail Bar!

Guess what? You know the answer... I chose to have a delicious cappuccino and my nails done. The coffee was so good that it didn't even need any sugar!

I'm so happy that my son had to have his car serviced.

You know what - I think he planned the whole thing so his mother could have that special and delightful experience!

Lucky you! I don't think car dealers offer that service here. More's the pity.
What a special day for you. LOve it. Next you need to post the manicure. It seems that photos of one's manicure is all the rage in selfies these days.
Love it!

Milly, don't miss Mad Men April 5th on AMC :)
Hi Millie,
What a FUN Day! and plus Steve and Carol who could ask for more???
Your Kids make their visit a real Adventure.

Steve is very creative and I Love the way the photos are divided in the same block
What an exciting surprise for you. I'm glad you had a great adventure.
This is certainly a good reason to own a Mercedes - or raise a son who owns one. I love the idea of a cappuccino and a manicure while the car is getting done. What a wonderful day out!
this sounds wonderful
and never heard of it before
always enjoy this special time...
Happy Easter Millie
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