Saturday, April 25, 2015
Last time I wrote about Mad Men I was disenchanted with the show. I didn't like the turn of events, and the way the characters had aged. Every thing and everyone was going downhill, especially Don Draper.

When I look back at my thoughts then, and how I feel now, it's like when a person is caught up in a relationship, and they see only what they want to see, and go along with whatever is happening because they care for the person.

It's hard to let go!

You try but you just can't do it.

Well, that's me.

I can't let go!

There are only a few episodes left. I have to see how Matthew Weiner will put closure to the lives of all the characters on "Mad Men."

Here are some of my thoughts about how the show will end!


When she started working at the agency she was a young, innocent and ambitious person who learned a lot from Don and wanted to be an in charge person like her boss. She did accomplish that, but what about her personal life?

She recently went on a blind date with a great guy. They hit it off and spoke about going to Paris together.

Her bags are backed, flight is ready for takeoff. Her phone rings - it's an emergency call from a major client - they need her attention immediately - What is she going to do? Like Don - career comes first.

Peggy cancels her trip.

Will she end up like Don with nothing?


She worked her way up to a well deserved high paying position at the ad agency, had a bad marriage and recently met a retired guy who is very interested in her but not keen on being a dad to her four year old son.

He's going to try to make a go of it because he's smitten with her.

But will he stick to his guns?


Don's first wife is now happily married and has become a better mother and an understanding person. She's going to college to become a psychologist.

She will find great satisfaction in her chosen field.


He has lost everything, no home, no family and is not the brilliant young ad man anymore.

Reality sets in - He has hit bottom - has to stop smoking and drinking.

Rumor has it that Matthew Weiner has opened up a rehabilitation center and so Don Draper runs quick like a bunny to get admitted.

And what do you know - Betty is going to be his psychologist!

My question to you is:

How do you think the show ends?

Hi Millie, I loved your imagination in your post.
However, I will make it real easy...The Ad agency gets a very rich client with a huge budget and the headquarters is in Nepal.

All the characters go on a business/vacation so Don invites his family including Betty and her husband... and everyone at the agency goes.
After a few days.....





What a great ending!!
You did away will the entire cast with one shot. - Funny!

I can't even guess how the show will end, but I'm worried about Joan. When her new man BLEW UP at her because she didn't tell him right away she had a child, I saw his temper as a BIG RED FLAG. If I were her I'd dump him and focus on my child, but I have a sense his money will influence her and she'll end up married to an abuser.
I'm responding to what Shirley thought about Joan's new man losing his temper.

I see it as a red flag too. I think Joan should end up with the father of her child, ROGER!
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This comment has been removed by the author.
The show was SO compelling at the beginning, such excellent writing. Now? Meh. Stretching the episodes out so far didn't help. I missed the most recent episode and I'm not going out of my way to find a way to watch it. Some day I'll watch from the beginning again.
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