Sunday, June 28, 2015
It was time for my son to have his Mercedes-Benz serviced and invited me to take advantage of Mercedes-Benz of Burlington's complimentary manicure, "while you wait, have your nails done."

A few months ago I had the pleasure of that experience and didn't hesitate to say, "yes."

When I walked into the salon I noticed very attractive and clever red, white and blue decorations.
The manicurist explained that the colors were chosen in recognition  of the upcoming holiday.

In keeping with the theme of the holiday she suggested I choose from a shade of blue- light blue, medium or deep blue!  WHAT!

When I do my nails myself, it's always a clear or natural shade.  Never, ever did I wear a dark color!!!

I made a quick decision and said, "ok, lets do the dark blue."

Once she finished doing that part of the manicure - she asked me if I would like to `add some shimmer to my nails.  I don't remember exactly her chose of words but again I had to make another decision!

What the heck - you only live once!

I must say , it was a fun thing  to do!

My son Steve upon seeing my "DO" took a photo of his mom with her Fourth of July manicure, posted it on his website and received a surprising number of comments.

"Ma, you should make a post about it and find out why so many people responded to this particular post."

OK, so I'm trying to figure it out myself.

Is it because I'm close to 90?

Is it because I had them done in blue?

Is it because I had fun doing it?

Is it because I did something I never did before?

Or is it all of the above?

Great fun! Congratulations!
I love that color on you. Dark nails are very hip and trendy right now. Way to keep up with current styles, Millie!
Hi Millie,
All of the above!!
If we do not get out of the BOX now then...... when??

We can not do the ordinary any more we have to do the extraordinary to highlight our days!

Live it up and LIVE dangerously and enjoy!!
I LOVE the color!!
Hi Millie
I forgot to tell you I LOVED your post!
The joy of doing something you normally don't do is apparent in your post. As I age I find I'm all for trying things out of my comfort zone. I just have to take that first step. Keep it up lady we don't have a lifetime to try it all.
Because you're close to 90, were open enough to try something new and had fun doing it. Will you be getting a pedicure to match?

What have you done out of your comfort zone? Like you said, we don't have much time left to do those fun things - let's do it when we can!

You gave me a big laugh this morning! Ha, my toe nails get done by my pediatrist and if she wants to polish my nails that will be fine with me. ;-)

All of the above!!
Your posts are always such fun and inspiring. I've decided to do something new today.
Thanks Millie and God Bless.
It's because living sponateously is so much fun!! We all thrive to live our lives that way but sometimes hesitate because it's outside of our comfort zone. Just talked to Grandma (Audrey) yesterday and she did the same this week- green with sparkles! I should learn from my elders! :)
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