Friday, June 05, 2015
Sharing Yiddish at Brooksby Village Over Dinner with Friends
Here at Brooksby Village there are many residents that lead groups on a variety of subjects.

For example there's Calligraphy, Art, a Writers group, a book club, foreign films, a knitting group and even a Style Workshop.

Whatever your interest is, you'll find it here!

I'm not through yet, there's a Spanish Conversation Group, a French Conversation Group, and for the past year there is a Yiddish Conversation Group dinner which I lead.

I stress the fact that I am not a teacher. I'm there to encourage the people to speak Yiddish, even if it's half English and half Yiddish, it gets the mind going.

What still surprises me is - even if they think they don't know the word, it comes back to them. That has happened to me too.

Someone might say a word that I haven't heard in years and I remember it!!

We meet the first Thursday of the month. I send out flyers letting the group know time, place and what the theme of the evening will be.

Image: Recent Flyer

Recent themes were Passover,Mother's Day and just last night it was Father's Day.

I encourage the group to prepare something to present in Yiddish.

A handful do it in Yiddish, another handful do it half Yiddish / half English, and some just tell their story in English.

For those who do not prepare anything (and there are a lot of those) they get stimulated and add their two cents! That's ok too.

We hold our get-togethers in a private dining room that seats a maximum of sixteen people.

Last night I asked one of the lovely waitress to take a picture of our happy group at Brooksby.

Image: Our group

We sure are a happy bunch!

Oh, Mrs. Millie. How wonderful for you and your friends to have the opportunity to reviatlize your language! Congratulations on all your activities.
What a rich life you lead. I can only hope that I have a place that is that mentally stimulating when I have to leave these woods.
I will repeat
Tabor's words.
Wondering lately
if this is something
I may do soon.
But still love the woods...
Hi Millie...Wonderful to read about you and the group. It sounds as if everyone is really enjoying themselves. Great picture.

Yiddish crossword puzzles, anyone?
Nothing is so satisfying than to stimulate other's minds and in the process to benefit from it your self.
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