Saturday, August 08, 2015
In my day I wasn't much of a flirt, straight forward, direct and said it the way it was! Times they are a changing!

Back in July my son Steve told me that we would start celebrating my "big 90th" birthday early "so be prepared mom."

That day he and my daughter-in-law Carol came with some wonderful goodies. That's the way July went - one good thing after another!

The following week Steve invited me to join them to attend the grand opening of the Lord Hobo Brewing Co. I've given up beer drinking but if you get an invitation from your kids, you go! I do know many of Steve's friends, have meet them in person and know them via the computer so I figured it would be fun.

Little did I know what he had up his sleeve!!!

At one point in the day he escorted me to a certain area at the brewery and what do you know - I knew lots of people that were gathered there.

Next thing I knew I saw a couple of frosted cookies with candles on them and the crowd sang a jolly happy birthday to me!!!

Mind you it's still July.

One day they came for a visit carrying a very large box - what could it be?

I guessed - a book?

Yes, it turned out to be two copies of my "My Moms Blog" self published book that Steve made for me years ago!

I recently told him that one of my friends has her self published book in the Brooskby library, SO he made me a copy to contribute to the library!

I'm not through yet.

The Yiddish group that I conduct meets the first Thursday of every month. Part of every meeting is "Show and Tell" so I thought "what a great thing to bring to the meeting" - I brought the book and told my story. They loved it!

We meet for dinner and share our stories.

After the entree the wait staff takes our dessert orders, and last night it was strawberry cheese cake.

Before they served that delicious dessert the waitress walked in with a fabulous decorated cake with candles. It was a birthday cake for me!

Image: Cake with inscription "A freilekhn geburtstog Matel" / "Happy Birthday Millie" in Yiddish

The entire wait staff and my Yiddish friends sang a roaring Happy Birthday to me!!

And you know the rest of the story. Steve had contacted Brookby's catering service and ordered that special cake for me!

Boy - I never knew "flirting could be so much fun."

Hi Millie,
I neglected and omitted to say Carol & Steve on my comment
Hi Millie,
I did not see my original comment so I will jot down another one.

I loved your post because I love happy stories and parties from my friends!

Carol and Steve know how to make Mom very happy and I can hardly wait for the next Event that will celebrate your Birthday!

The cake looked Beautiful and I am sure it was delicious!

I want to wish you a very Happy, Healthy Birthday and may the coming year be filled with ALL of Life's Best Wishes!

With Love,
What a great string of birthday surprises. I love the Yiddishe cake and it all is wonderful bunch of surprises.

Wishing a big, fat wonderful 90th birthday and it's not done yet, you know.

Much love,
Wishing you a happy early birthday. Someone is loved very very much!!
Wow you have got to be very excited about theses goings ons. Boy I wonder what it next!!!
A 90th birthday celebration whether early or late is great! You know I'm sending happy wishes your way for your birthday occasion. This event was really exciting with one surprise after another and I enjoyed reading about the pleasure and fun you had. Will be wishing you many more celebrations.

My erratic blogging has caused me to miss reading what looks to be some interesting previous posts. Lucky you, seeing so many musicals through the years, and your most recent Irving Berlin account convinces me I would have wanted a ticket to that show, too.

Happy Birthday Millie - Ronni sent me and I'm thrilled to be part of the celebration!
Dearest Millie,
Good to see that the celebration started, and is NOT over yet.
A happy birthday to you. I wish I was there to partake some of that delicious cake.
Hugs and love

Fifteen years ago, for my 50th, my sister had a surprise party for me at work, but it really was a surprise because it was 50 days before the actual day. In addition to a cake, punch, etc., she brought out a large wrapped box that I opened and found inside 50 wrapped gifts--one to open each day until my actual birthday. She had made some of the gifts (she is very crafty), others were things she had saved of mine from many years ago, and others were inexpensive tokens of affection. What meant so much to me was that she had given her time do do this. It was a wonderful gift of love. This is exactly what your son Steve is doing for you, expressing his love and appreciation for you in so many ways.

Beth Backus (commenter from Time Goes By blog)
Happy Birthday Millie!
You are awesome!
Love your blog. Happy birthday from Paris, France !
Millie, another HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Buon NOVANTESIMO compleanno, Millie! Consider celebrating all year long!
Happy belated birthday Millie! I found you on Ronni's blog and have been delighted by your warmth and humor. I've even been binge reading your older posts. Wishing you all the best

Happy Belated Birthday Millie! I found your blog from Ronni's and have been enjoying your warmth and humor. I've actually been binge reading older posts and have found myself laughing out loud many times. Wishing you all the best
Such a wonderful surprise!!!!
A lovely cake and a wonderful son. Congratulations Millie!
You've not updated your blog for quite some time. Hope you're okay.
Happy 90th Birthday!
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