Sunday, November 22, 2015
I Sold My Car
For the past three years that I've been living at a retirement community I've been driving less and less.

I don't have to go out on "the road" to do this or that. It's easier to take the transportation provided by Brooksby than to get into my car, get into the traffic, maintain the car, pay the insurance, get gas and repair the car when needed.

Oh, and have the car shoveled out in the winter! Forget that!

My son and daughter in-law have been great - take me food shopping and any other important errands that I have to do.

I haven't driven at night in a very long time and was not anxious to drive, even in the daytime. It was high time to throw in the towel.

As I sit here and write about my beloved Toyota Camry I realize my car was SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD.

One winter when I was spending time in Florida I would take daily walks. At the time I was thinking about buying a new car and noticed that most of the cars that were parked on the premises were Toyota Camrys.

Well, most of the residents were seniors and I figured, if they thought it was a good car, it was a good car. When I got back up North I did a little research and made the decision "that was the car for me."

That car never gave me any trouble, good to the last drop!

The furthest that car even went was when it was being transported to Florida on a car carrier, otherwise it took me to the market, to the movies or to the mall.

Now that it is gone I have mixed feelings.

I will miss just hopping in and coming and going when I please, but happy that I no longer have the responsibility of a car. I've gotten used to managing without my own buggy.

I wanted to sell the car before the winter and that has worked out. Mostly, I am very happy that a fine young man is now the proud owner of my Toyota, and will enjoy a happy and long life with the car as I did!

What's your car story?

It will make me smile every time I see Dylan driving the car to know that it gave you so many memories.

I promise he/we will take good care of it!

I still have my car but it doesn't get out much especially in the winter or at night. I am driving a 10 year old, low mileage mom-van because I have 9 grandkids aged 3 to 17. Now there are usually only one or two to ride along. The eldest are driving themselves and me at times. I don't think getting a van to drive is really in their dreams. Especially with stickers on the passenger windows from the little kids and booster seats. Not snazzy at all. LOL. But it's low mileage and in great shape. I imagine it will go to someone in the family with small kids when I give it up. I imagine yours was full of fun memories just like mine is. Happy Thanksgiving Millie.
It certainly looks like the new owner of your car is thrilled to have it. So you got rid of your problem and made a young man very happy. Good job Millie!
I love the photo of Dylan with your/his car. It's hard to give up driving when the time comes but you've done it with your usual panache.

Congratulations, Millie.
Hi Millie,
I am the proud owner of a 1997 Toyota Camry and I still drive it with a mileage of 50,000!
I try not to drive at night but...I still use it during the day.

I feel independent with it
as I live in a Condo complex. However I can use the RIDE and that is a Senior pickup bus for my destinations and I am using it more and more especially in the Winter.
We are all entering a new passage in Life " The Driving Age" WELCOME TO......... DRIVING Ms Millie!
Best wishes for a
Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving!
With Love,
I Loved your Post and your car FOUND A NEW HOME and you made a nice man so HAPPY!
My Mom just turned 90 and she/we sold her car recently, too. Hers was a Honda Accord. She doesn't miss the responsibility at all. I think it might be harder on us, her "children" (I am 68) that she is getting older and things are changing! We are only 22 years behind her :) We younguns are watching all of you elders, and you are setting a fine example! Happy Thanksgiving! Jane
Dearest Millie,
Congratulations on selling your car to this happy young man! My eyesight not being what it used to be, I had to sell my car a couple of years ago. But to be perfectly honest, when you live in Paris, you don't actually need a car that much.
Hugs and kisses


Giving up a car can be a difficult step signifying a loss of independence to so many, especially here in Southern California. But when there are other transportation sources it often makes good sense to do so as in your situation. We have good transportation systems here, so I think I'll be comfortable parting with my auto in the future.
My car story is like yours...however, I drive a Toyota Matrix.
We have two older Camrys that we bought second hand. They are indeed wonderful cars. My husband installed a back-up camera in one of them, and that's the car I use. I was on the point of giving up driving, but the camera has increased my self confidence as a driver to the point where I now longer fear driving.
Oh, and all the best to you this holiday season!
Hi Millie,

My Mom also sold her Camry when she gave up driving to someone who needed a reliable car. Hope you do well without it.

Mark L
Hi Millie,

My Mom also sold her Camry to someone who needed a reliable car when she gave up driving. I hope you continue to do well by your decision.

Mark L
Mom gave up her car at around 92. She missed it till the day she passed away.
I am still driving, and since Mr. Kenju has not driven since his stroke 8 years ago, I must keep on doing that chore. We just moved to an over 55+ community, but they don't provide transport, so I still take us anywhere we need to go. I would hate to give up my car, but I know that sometime in the next 10-15 years, it will become necessary. I hope I find a nice buyer like you did.
I'm stopping by to let you know that I'm hoping you're too busy off having fun to post here. Wishing you well, Millie!
To have any car that old really speaks to how well you care for your vehicle. That is a long of tender love and care that goes into almost twenty years, and the car still looks great too. If I am ever in the market for a used car, this is the model I am going to be looking out for.

Happy Birthday month Millie! Hope your birthday tomorrow is delightful!
I just can't resist entering my 1986 Toyota Corolla LE into the sweepstakes. At the age of 30, it still looks great, is reliable, and takes me to those few places I need to go at my age of 81. I ❤️ it.
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