Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Happy 91st Birthday Millie!
Happy 91st Birthday Millie!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday from a perfect stranger who has enjoyed your blog in the past!
I am a stranger to you too, but I have enjoyed your blog since your last two winters in Florida. I live in Sweetwater, Texas, out in hot, dry West Texas. I am so glad to see your smiling face with the big happy sunflowers. Please know that a lot of people have missed your blog and I for one hope that you will feel well enough to write again from time to time. I am so glad that you have had another HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
Happy Birthday Millie! I've enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your smiling face.
A Freilekhn Geburtsog, Matel (borrowed from Ronni's blog!)

Happy, happy 91st Birthday Millie! I've loved your blog for a long time, and now love to come back to watch videos, look at photos, and read the great stories.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILLIE! (yes, I'm shouting :)

ps: That's a great photo...you look terrific!!
I love that photo. I love sunglowers...sunflowers and your expression is priceless. Have a lovely day!!
Happy Birthday month Millie! Hope your birthday tomorrow is delightful!
Happy Birthday!
Please come back to your blog---sure miss you and your wonderful posts and stories.
Happy Birthday, Millie!
A very happy birthday to you, Millie!
Enjoy your day!
Happy Birthday Millie!
I just clicked onto your blog and love it.

Greetings fellow Canadian!!

Happy birthday. Enjoy every second of fun.

Doctafill from Time Goes By

From California, happy birthday Millie! So glad to see your happy face again after so long an absence. Be well...have a wonderful year!

Anonymous Janet
Happy Belated Birthday! So nice to see you again. I've missed your posts!

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