Sunday, February 24, 2008
Straight Flush

Once a month I get together with some friends for a card game. The group consists of three couples and two single ladies. We meet in the afternoon, play for a while, take a break, have some light refreshments , play again and then we go out to dinner..

This month it was my turn to hostess the afternoon. I don't have to cook anything but I do have to plan on serving fruit, provide cold drinks and have some goodies. It's no big deal but I have to buy more of everything that I do not ordinarily have at home.

The night before our get together I received a call from the single lady who said she wasn't feeling well and could not make it. that was ok because I still had seven people coming.

The next morning I received a call from a couple, the lady of the house had a stiff neck and was not able to play.

That left me with two couples. That meant there were only going to be five people playing cards.

We play "3-14" which is a card game that is more fun when played with a large group so we decided to call off the game and just go out to dinner and come back to my place for dessert.

Good decision, yes? Yes, but the weather man didn't cooperate. We started to hear warnings about a possible TORNADO coming into the area. That took care of that. No card game , no dinner out and no one coming back to my place afterwards.

And you want to laugh, there was no tornado, just very heavy rain!

The next day one of my friends called last minute and asked if I wanted to join them for a movie - "Yes, sure." I quickly made a light supper and before you know it, they picked me up and it didn't take too long before my friend said she didn't feel well and had to go back home. So, no movie.

Just so you know, it's not all peaches and cream down here. ;-)

Monday, February 18, 2008
Since I'm not sure this post will get posted I'm going to keep it short.

I had planned to write in detail about two movies that I saw recently but instead I'm just write a little about each one.

The Bucket List - It's advertised as a comedy - I felt it was more of a drama with just a little humor.
After seeing that movie I wanted to see something light, funny and romantic - 27 Dresses fit the bill.

I've been eating out a lot - going out to lunch and dinner at some very fine restaurants but let me tell you about the best and most enjoyable meal I've had recently.

My friends and I went to a new restaurant in town, Delancey St. Deli and Restaurant. On our table were buckets of all you can eat half sour pickles and cole slaw, delicious.

We each ordered the hot cornbeef and tongue sandwich served on the best white rye bread I have ever eaten. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

As Jacke Gleason would say, "How sweet it is."

One, Two, Three testing.

Sunday, February 17, 2008
Tried to make another post. Weird things are happening.

Take a look.

I was trying to type "I Lost, It, I Lost it.

Wanted to make a short post tonight but I won't do it because something
is very wrong!!!


Saturday, February 09, 2008
The longer I'm here in Florida, the faster the time goes.


flickr photo by A. Belani Creative Commons - Attribution-Share Alike 2.0

Before I turn around I have to fill those pill boxes again.

Years ago when I first started taking medication I took one pill that I could take out of the container and I was done. As time went on I needed to take more med's and finally realized it would be easier if I got myself a pill box, and fill it once a week so I wouldn't have to bother opening several containers every day. ( and you know the trouble I have openning things. )

In recent times I've been taking a number of vitamins, some of which are pretty large, For example I'm taking two fish oil capsules every day and they are LARGE. Well, I outgrew my pill box and now I have an additional pill box to accommadate the vitamins.


flickr photo by Roxanne Weber Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0

Instead of going up to the second floor of the condo, where I live, the newspaper delivery person throws the paper up from the ground floor. Most mornings I find the paper right at my door, some mornings the paper is far flung. All this time I did not question where I found my paper so long as it was delivered.

One morning I discovered why the position of the paper varied. Before I check the computer, have coffee or straighten out my hair I open the door to pick up the paper Well, this particular morning low and behold my next door neighbor was placing my paper at my door. She explained that when she goes by and my paper is far afield SHE places it at my door.

I don't know who was more shocked and surprised at that moment. First thing in the morning I don't expect anyone at my door and I certainly don't look like the neighbor that she knows!!


flickr photo by Locator Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0

One day last week at about 5:00 o''clock I had completed some errands at a local mall. There are some small shops and a restaurant that is very popular with seniors.

This is what I saw: three men using walkers, walking to thier cars accompanied by three ladies carrying doggie bags. I've been telling my friends about what I saw and everyone I tell it to - their first reaction is to laugh. It does strike you funny when you first hear about it but deep down it's sad.

The good thing about what I saw is that these people who eat out so early and use walkers are still out there doing whatever, whenever they can.

If the people who produced Boynton Beach Bereavement Club make a sequel I can supply them with lots of material!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

flickr photo by zimpenfish CC BY

A few weeks ago Claude from over at Blogging In Paris tagged me for a meme. It was one that would require some thought on my part and to tell the truth I want to take the easy way out today and just do a quickie.

It just so happens Steve did one today and I will follow suit and do a 4X4 meme.

Here Goes:

First job while in high school - Worked for a local shop selling ladies sportswear.
Inventory clerk at a knitting mill that manufactured sweaters for Russian War Relief. Occasionally they would ask me to model a sweater. Yikes!!
One summer when I was in between jobs, I worked at the clubhouse of a racetrack selling cigars and cigarettes.
Did food demonstration at a local market. Sometimes I cooked fish, sometimes I made pizza, gave out samples of cookies and candy.

London - Loved the pot pies and the Eglish accent
Paris - wonderful pastries
Bermuda - always wanted to go back
Canadian Rockies = Loved Chateau Lake Louise

A vegetarian pizza with a cold beer
Veal marsala
Chicken soup with a matzo ball and noddles
Filet Mignon with bernasie sauce

Movie: King King
Bands: Glenn Millier
Plays: The King and I
Singer: Frank Sinatra

Anyone care to join my 4X4 MEME?

See also, Chris Brogan: Memes and Why They Matter.


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