Monday, July 29, 2013
Why, oh why have I elected to stay home today, even cancelled a dinner date with a group of ladies who are very good company?

Why haven't I made a blog post in a while?

Why did I HAVE to take a nap this afternoon?

Why should I be so wiped out?

How could I figure this out?

Ok, a light went on and I looked at my calendar!!!

The activities of the past two weeks had me on the go practically every single day!

For a lady who will soon be eighty-eight, it was just too much.

Some of things I did that had me on the go:

A check-up with a Doctor - There's always an appointment with some type of Doctor!


The Glenn Miller Story - A Monday night movie
Have seen this movie a number of times but can never get enough "Miller"

Summer Fun with Charlie Chaplin

The Gold Rush
Saw this film many years ago and the one scene I remember is when "the Tramp"
is so hungry he cooks his "SHOE" and carefully bastes it so it's done just right.  He slices the shoe with great care and then like a fine gentleman eats the shoelaces like he's eating pasta!!!

City Lights
Charlie Chaplin was a perfectionist and when he was making this movie he had a problem - how to end the film -  he paid the entire company for months until he came up with the ending and what an ending it was!!!  I laughed during the film and at the end he had me in tears.

Tuesdays it's a Mah Jongg game. The past two weeks I was a winner - doesn't always happen!

Have a season ticket for musicals at the North Shore Music Theatre

This month it was "The Wizard of Oz."
The cast members did a fine job and even Toto, Dorothy's dog did what he had to do every step of the way!

There was more but you get the idea!

When I choose to control my time, I plan on being out and about two days in a row, and the third day I stay home and "play catch-up."

Today has been a great day to stay home, catch my breath and get ready for another week which I hope will find me spending some time on my patio, relaxing. reading and not running around!

Sunday, July 14, 2013
Having a computer has changed her life in many ways.

Now when she wakes up in the morning and feels like just staying in bed a little longer she thinks about what could be on her computer.

Millie's Bedroom at Brooksby Village

Could there be a message or joke from a friend, a news item of interest or a photo her son has taken on his daily walk?

Even before she has her morning coffee she has to go see what's going on in the world, that's saying a lot because she loves that first cup of coffee.

About two weeks ago she attempted to do her morning routine and what do you know, "nothing happened!"


She tried this and tried that, nothing worked!

Bad Timing
It's never a good time for a computer to get temperamental, but her savvy computer son was on a week's vacation.

What to do?

She didn't want to disturb him, and didn't have a knowledgable friend or service person to walk in and save the day.

Finally she decided to call the Apple store where the computer was purchased.

A fine computer specialist asked questions and got the lay of the land.

Suggested she pull the power plug, wait a few minutes and reinsert the plug.

She told the specialist that the power cord was plugged into a surge protector on the floor behind the desk and there was no way she could get down there.

The specialist said she could pull the plug out of the back of the iMac.

She tried but it was hard to pull.

The specialist said to pull harder, and it came out.

Next the specialist said to put it back in.

"Put it back in?" OK. She tried.

It wouldn't go in all the way.

The specialist told her to push it a little harder.

She did that AND the computer came back to life!

She thanked him profusely and he responded accordingly!

Time went by, the computer worked fine and her son returned from his trip.

She was having a grand old time until one day the computer started to act up, working but not behaving well.

She remembered what that fine computer specialist had suggested and pulled the power plug again.


After having a few cups of coffee, she called the Apple Store and spoke to another fine computer specialist.

This time the specialist said it might be a defective power cord and would take five to seven days for delivery.

FIVE to SEVEN DAYS - forget that.

Fortunately her son had returned from his vacation.

Mother called and brought him up to date on the bad behavior of the computer.

He and his wife were fast as the Easter bunny, arrived with a laptop just incase, and the box that the computer had been packed in, just in case they had to go to the Apple store.

He checked this and that, and discovered what the problem was.

A plug on the surge protector had shorted out!

Off the family went for a very nice dinner and a stop at a Walmart store to purchase a 6 Outlet Surge protector.

It worked!

She's fortunate to have a son that knows his business and is there to help his mom when she needs him.

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