Saturday, July 22, 2006
Recently I made a post entitled "Strange Things Are Happening," well would you believe I have another unusual "something" that happened.

Last Wednesday, July 19, I had the opportunity to hear the award-winning novelist Julia Glass at an event held at the Swampscott Public Library. Ms. Glass read from her new novel The Whole World Over. I must say that hearing her read a section of the book did not peak my interest.

Following the reading, there was a question and answer session which I enjoyed very much. She was very animated and has a great sense of humor.

Julia Glass's first novel, Three Junes, won the 2002 National Book Award for Fiction and was also a selection of ABC/Good Morning America's READ THIS! Book Club.

That evening when I got home, what do you think I did, as always, I have to check my messages and catch up with my blogging buddies posts. First, I went to one of my favorites, Terri over at Island Writer and what do you know -- She mentions another favorite of mine Judy from JustAsk Judy who wants to know how Terri is enjoying "The Three Junes."

I just heard the author in person a short while ago and there they were discussing Judy Glass's book. At that point Terri said she hadn't finished the book yet so the jury was still out.

The few people I spoke to who read Three Junes were not enthusiastic about the book. Big question? What does a book have to have to warrant receiving a National Book Award?

I think it's time for these odd things to stop happening, but on the other hand it gave me material for a post!

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