Saturday, February 27, 2010
How many times have you been in a fast food restaurant, gotten a packet of mustard, ketchup or relish and struggled to open the packet?

If you read my blog on a regular basis you know I have had that problem.

Well, I have solved it by carrying a small scissors in my handbag and when I run into that situation "I can open it." It always makes me feel good to have a way to avoid that frustrating experience. Not only that, if I see anyone who is having that problem, I offer the scissors to them.

For years, consumers have complained the packets are too messy, too small and too hard to open.

I recently saw an item in the newspaper announcing that Heinz® has finally stepped up to the plate and has unveiled the first major packaging change for the to-go condiment, Dip & Squeeze.

"The new design has a base that's more like a cup for dipping and also a tear-off end for squeezing, plus it holds three three times as much ketchup as a traditional packet.

Heinz will continue to sell the traditional packet. The new packet is in test markets and will roll out at select fast-food restaurants in the fall."

Sounds good to me - I hope it is well received. If it is successful maybe other companies will jump on the bandwagon, improve their packaging and make the consumers happy!

See Heinz Ketchhup on Facebook.

Works for me, too!!! I am basically one handed and those packet are a bear. Thanks!!!!!!
I still struggle with the little flaps on the corner, but this is vastly better than tearing packets open with my teeth and risking all sorts of diseases plus the breaking of crowns. Hope you have been semi warm.
Good one Millie. Just make sure you don't have those scissors in your bag when you are getting ready to fly anywhere. You'll lose them! I've lost scissors, tweezers and fingernail clippers to the airline security people. Fingernail clippers? I mean come on!!
We can only hope that the idea is well received and that this company and others adapt it.
I always get ketchup, so I'll be interested to see how the new packaging feels.

The other - you either have to have sharp fingernails or sharp teeth. :)
I hope all fast food places switch over to these new packets. I think it would be a good idea. Have you ever tried to open the other packets and then ketchup or mustard went squirting everywhere. I say go for the change!
It's a brand new day in the world of condiments. Now if they could only fix those glass bottles...
It looks like they took a page out of the book of maple syrup and jelly. Bravo to the ketchup company!
Some companies have gotten your message 'I can't open it'. Dole has now made it easy to open their prepared lettuce and salad bags. All you have to do it bend the top over and pinch it and the bag will open easily.
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