Sunday, August 01, 2010
I Found these "STRESSFUL MOMENTS" on a placemat at a local restaurant.


Carol wants nothing to do with the pig
I would rather lie on a sofa, than sweep under it.

Heart Shapped and Pretty Richart Dark Chocolates
Used to be my true love brought me chocolate. Now, my true love is chocolate.

Early to bed, early to rise... still doesn't give you enough time to get everything done.

No matter how long you wait for a phone call, it won't come until you step away from your desk.

Three People Howling at the Moon at ROFLcon
Some people will take you right to the edge. Others will push you over.

Hertz: Toyota Camry
No matter where you go or when you leave, somebody always beats you to the best parking space.

Bride and Roses in the Rain
"A rose by any other name"... is still expensive.

Get Seen: Framed Book Jacket
"People who think they know it all":... write self-help books!

Chris and Millie
Don't feel bad. You still have everything you had when you were 17. It's just lower than it used to be.

Comcast TiVo Remote
"A dog is man's best friend"... except for the remote of course!

Hmmm...which do I relate to more? The chocolate, or my husband and HIS remote? :)
Well, I don't have the long brown hair I had at 17! These are funny, Millie!
Love these!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!
These are great. Thanks for the laugh today.
Millie, needed this evening humor before I turn in - a long day with baby sitting and 100 degrees on my deck. Have a peaceful night.
A fine and humorous collection Millie. Set me to thinking about my stressful things!
Great article. Like the says. Really funny.
For help with your search for an assisted living facility check out!
Heh, heh. These are terrific, Millie.
Hi Millie, I really enjoyed this post. Greetings from Mildred in Georgia!
hahah I like the one about the chocolate and the one about the self help books. had a few laugh out oud moments there, thanks!
Cute enough.The pig on the sofa is so funny.
Happy 85th and many happy returns! With luck, my husband will get there in a few years and, with more luck, I'll follow. You give all of us who are 70+ hope for a lively future!
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