Monday, May 14, 2012
It can be a challenge to find a restaurant on a special day that is good, not busy or noisy. Leave it to Steve and Carol to find a place that is everything you want in fine dining.

Whenever they take me on a mystery ride it turns out to be an unusual place that I would never have the opportunity to experience.

They have surprised me in the past with a visit to Brutole, which never disappoints. Even though it was Mother's Day the restaurant was pleasantly occupied, no hustle bustle, with a relaxed atmosphere.

Happy Mothers Day @milliegarfield

We shared an appetizer, "Beets."


When it was served to us it looked like a luscious dessert! Even the people at the next table wanted to know what "it" was. What a fun way to get your vegies!!

I ordered the potato chip encrusted haddock with asparagus risotto - out of this world.

Potato Chip Encrusted Haddock cc @jimmyfallon


Image: Brooksby Village

While in Florida this winter I recognized that it is getting harder and harder to keep going back and forth and as much as I enjoy it when I'm there, it's time to "stay put" up North.

I recently saw a unit at Brooksby Village that might be suitable.

Mother's Day was a good time for Steve and Carol to take a look. They both agreed that this is something to consider.


Even though the real estate market is not what I would like, will put my condo up at a price for 30 days and see what happens.

Now you know why I said, "A Unique Mother's Day."

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