Saturday, July 21, 2012
I've had my up's and down's since June.

Some days I'm fine, some days not so fine.

When I put my condo up for sale, I never expected it would sell so fast. Before I knew it I had to start getting rid of lots of items, big and small.

Looking back on it now I realize I should have taken more time to downsize and kept looking for the right place. The pressure was on and I was pleased that I had a buyer that agreed to my asking price.

That was then, this is now.

With Steve and Carol's help we have started to move things over to my new place at Brooksby Village.

Image: Carol documenting the trunk space in the Camry

Image: The backseat holds a lot too

That way I won't be overwhelmed come moving day. I also realize it will be overwhelming no matter how much we do before hand.

Moving is a very big deal no matter how you slice it!

Even though I have not officially moved in yet, I can take advantage of any activities that are taking happening at the new place during this "in between time."

One day last week I happened to be there when Brooksby was having a cook-out at the nearby clubhouse. I thought it would be a good idea to go check it out.

It turned out to be a good experience.

Some people looked familiar to me, and come to find out they came from nearby towns and cities that I had lived in, even the town I grow up in!

Others I spoke with told me how happy they are at Brooksby and gave me tips like:

- If you looking for a Man Jong game - Wednesdays at 1:00 - someone is always looking for a player. Good way to get into a game.

- One lady gets her hair done at the clubhouse and is pleased with the shop. Good to know.

When I expressed interest in finding a Yiddish speaking group. one lady referred me to a couple that could help me pursue that interest. We exchanged phone numbers and I'll let her know how I make out.

This is all very encouraging but the proof is in the pudding.

Image: Happy faces at Brooksby Village

I'm sure it will take time for me to adjust to my new inviroment and lifestyle, and I just hope it won't take too long.

I've had some wonderful years here at the Summit - now - a new chapter is beginning for me.

Chapter One starts soon!

Saturday, July 07, 2012
I've been learning the hard way that it's not easy going through the red tape of selling a property. The surprising thing was that I got a very good offer just a few days after I put my place up for sale. That was a good thing - BUT.

I won't even attempt to relay any of the stumbling blocks I have encountered. One of the things I remember my broker telling me at the very beginning was, "the ideal buyer pays cash!"

In this day and age how many people are in that position?

So, here I sit waiting, waiting, waiting! Can't help thinking, is all this worth the worry and the stress?

I've always been an optimistic person, looked on the bright side of things, but this situation has been a real challenge for me.

No matter what the outcome is, there are some positive things that have and will come out of what's going on now.

Now, let me count the ways.

I've had a twin bedroom set with a single headboard for years

Haven't replaced the mattresses in years.

The new place I'm going to has a smaller bedroom so I had to buy a bed to accommodate the space.

Turns out the mattress I bought is wonderfully comfortable!

Mom with her sleep technician
Image: Millie and her Jordan's Sleep Technician Perry Orent

It's a lot better than my old one!

Crowded Closets
I think most of us are guilty of having too many clothes, we buy something new and just keep squeezing another item into the closet.

Well, I'll have less closet space where I'm moving, so my BIG project has been,"throw it out if I haven't worn the item in a long time."

At this point in time I must have donated at least eight bags of clothes and I'm not done yet!

Some things were just too nice to put in a plastic bag and give away. I've been holding on to a handful of "special clothes" until I finally said, "this is it."

Fortunally I met someone who's just my size and liked what I had so at least I know the person who will enjoy those special pieces. She even wears the same size shoe as I do.

She'll be walking in my shoes!

Revisiting old projects
I've been going through drawers in which I've stored lots of notebooks and reports of projects that I have been involved with over the years.

What surprised me was how many interesting things I've done.

- Participated in Yiddish classes
- Conducted my own Yiddish group at a day care center
- Participated in a book club.
- Conducted my own book club
- Been an active member of Hadassah
- Taken many classes over the years

That brings me to this time in my life
The most interesting thing that I'm doing now is blogging. I've been blogging for nine years!

For the past few years I was committed to making a post every week. Since this past winter I've only posted once in a while, that's a big change for me.

I need some new things to challenge me, that's one of the reasons I'm trying to make a move to a new community.

While looking through papers that I've kept over the years I found these interesting points on how to enjoy the retirement years. I haven't worked in years but feel that these items are appropriate for me now:
1. Revitalize your energy by finding a community of people who embrace growth and change. Don't get stuck with the "been there, done that" crowd.

2. Rekindle your spirit for risk taking. "Do not fear mistakes,"says jazz immortal, Miles Davis, "There are none." If not you, then who? if not now, when?

3. Respond to new opportunities. Remain open to the infinite possibilities the world has to offer. Your full potential may lie ahead.

4. Recharge your system by finding something you really enjoy and make it a part of your daily wellness program.
Find more at Top Ten Ways To Retire Retirement.

My hope is that once I make the move and get settled, even though I'm no chicken, I'll be able to enjoy life more by having the opportunity to meet new people, have new positive experiences, have new and stimulating challenges, and get that zest for life again.

After all the hard work, worry and waiting, even if only some of those things happen, it will be worth while.

That's the optimist in me talking!!

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