Sunday, June 30, 2013
What could Millie be up to now, you ask?

She's not going to Florida like she has in the past, she has gone from living in a condo to living in a senior community, and she's still driving!

I'll be observing my one year anniversary at Brooksby at the end of this month and as I have written over this past year, I'm very happy here.

I like my apartment, have met some great people, and enjoy many of the activities and programs that are offered.

There is one thing that I have been thinking about changing.

Brooksby offers a flexible meal plan where you can sign up for either a "20 Meal Plan" or a "Monthly Plan."

In the monthly plan the resident may use the plan for 30 days, or however many days there are in a particular month.

In the 20 meal plan, the resident will have 20 meals,, in any calendar month, to use at his/her discretion.

The opportunity to change plans is offered quarterly.

I'm making the change.

Millie at Lunch

When I first came to Brooksby it was all a learning experience, even going to the dining room.

Dinner is served from 5:00 to 7:00

That was hard to adjust to.

Which dining room to go to, who to sit with, should I have the soup AND the SALAD?

Should I have the PIE and ICE CREAM too?

How can I avoid the Brooksby Bulge?

In addition to all the afore mentioned considerations, I found going to the dining room every night just too much eating.

Being at the dining room at an appointed time was "not for me."

With the Flexible meal plan I can go to the dining room whatever day works for me!

If I'm out shopping and feel like having a bite to eat I can pick up a light meal or if I just feel like staying home and eating at 6:00 or 7:00, I can do that!

Oh and another plus, I won't be eating so much!

One thing does concern me.

I just might want to cook something and certainly won't want to fuss so I'll be looking for some nice and easy recipes.

Any help in this direction would be appreciated!

Sunday, June 23, 2013
A few months ago I had the opportunity to sign up for a series of plays that were to be held at a theatre in the round at the North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, Ma.

The package that was offered consisted of five plays.

If you signed up for that package, you paid for four shows, and got the fifth one at no cost.

Good deal?

The only trouble with that offer was that you really weren't excited about all of the plays but a good deal is a good deal so I decided, what the heck, I'm going!

Last Wednesday I attend the first play of the season.

It was "The Sound of Music."

I've seen the movie a number of times, saw the play and over the years whenever I heard the Roger and Hammerstein music I thought of Julie Andrews singing all the wonderful songs from that musical.

So I figured, ok, I'll see it again, it should be a pleasant afternoon.

Well, was I surprised!!

Here it is almost a week later and my friends and I are still talking about it!!

From the moment "Maria", played by Lisa O'Hare, opened her mouth and sang "The Sound of Music" I was mesmerized.

She not only had a magnificent voice, she was MARIA - the way she talked to the children, the way her body moved and how she danced - perfection!

Lisa O'Hare: Image courtesy Lisa Keating Photography

Captain Georg von Trapp, played by David Andrew Macdonald, was no slouch either.

As a widower and former navy commander he subjects his children to military style discipline. He did a fine job singing but what I really enjoyed seeing was when he "melted."

In one scene his youngest little girl stands before him with out-strechted arms and wants a hug from daddy - it takes a minute and he gives her a hug!

For me there were many moments where a song was sung by an outstanding performer where I did not applaud right away - I don't ever remember being so enthralled with the number that it took me a minute to respond!

Everyone involved with this production did a marvelous job and made "The Sound of Music" come alive to the audience!

Saturday, June 08, 2013
I'm spending the whole day home, not going out to the market, not going to a doctors appointment, not going to get my hair done, not going to the bank, not playing Mah Jong, not going to the movies, not even going to dinner at the clubhouse.

After Chair Shopping With Mom: On the Patio

Imagine being delighted just to do the laundry, pay some bills, straighten out some drawers, make some overdue phone calls and even make a post!

I've been out just about every day this week.

At my age if I'm out two days in a row, I have to stay home the third day.

Sometimes I am able to control how I spend my time, sometimes I don't want to miss the game, the movie, or the concert, so I just GO.

Last week was particularly "NICE BUSY."

I took advantage of a trip offered by Brooksby to go into Boston's Symphony Hall to see the Boston Pops Orchestra conducted by Keith Lockhart.

The program was, "Music From The Man Men Era." I had to go, no question.

I got more than I bargained for - not only did I hear music from that time period, Steve Lippia sang many of the Sinatra ballads. He didn't sound like Sinatra, but he had a great voice and it was a pleasure to hear the songs from that time period.

And then a big surprise - a large screen was lowered and what do you know, there was the opening scene and music to the TV show Mad Men!

THEN there were moments from previous episodes featuring stars from the show PLUS members of the POPS inserted into the action.

For those of you who watch Mad Men you know how many episodes have Don Draper in the elevator, Well in one scene Keith was in the elevator with Don!

The audience loved that!!! Me too!!!

Modern technology is wonderful!

I've had a great time today and it's not over yet.

Planning on heating up an easy supper, relaxing with a glass of wine, maybe even have a little ice cream for desert, and then put my feet up and look for a good movie on TV.

Can you stay home and be content or do you have to run?

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