Sunday, November 24, 2013
Pay attention to what is going to be said!

For the longest time I've been having trouble hearing.

It's been especially bothersome when I'm in a crowded restaurant, having dinner with friends, trying to hear what they are saying and trying to respond accordingly.

Here at Brooksby, I'm having dinner practically every night with a group of at least five friends at a large table. The dining room is noisy, crowded and to add insult to injury, some of my friends speak like they are telling me a major secret!

I know that I have a hearing problem, but those sweet, dear friends not only talk with the softest voices you ever heard, BUT two of those genteel ladies hold their hands in front of their mouths like they think I will attack them!

I have told them to speak up but just maybe they don't hear me!

When I'm home watching TV, I can raise the volume to my liking and I have no problem.

When I see a foreign film, I have no problem because I can read the subtitles.

When I have a conversation with one or two people in a quiet environment I'm fine, no problem.

Vintage Ads for Beltone Hearing Aids, Circa 1950s

One night at dinner I DID HEAR one of my friends say that she goes to an audiologist here at Brooksby Village and is pleased with the care she is receiving.

A few friends have told me about problems they have had getting their hearing aids adjusted and having to go time after time to get the right "sound."

That has been a turn-off for me - paying lots of bucks and still having problems with the hearing aids.

Ok, I'm willing to pay the price.

I accept that, as long as I don't have to travel a distance every time I need an adjustment.

When I learned that my friend is pleased with the audiologist right here at Brooksby, I called, made an appointment, and will see him in a few weeks!

Vintage Bosch Omniton MT 80 SP Hearing Aid, Circa 1970s

What experiences have you had getting fitted for a set of "new ears?"

I'm looking forward to HEARING from you!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Years ago, when I first started to take my required medications, I had one pill box.

That worked well for many years.

As time went by I had to take more med's and the weeks were going more quickly. It was time to fill two boxes for a two week period.

OK, that was good for a while, than it happened again.

In recent years I've been taking more med's so it takes longer to fill the boxes. So what's an efficient girl to do? She has been filling three boxes to carry her through for a three week period.

We all know that as one gets older time goes more quickly.

It certainly was true for me this October!

I couldn't believe how fast the month went.

Next time I go out to the store, I'll have to buy another pill box!

Why did October go so fast?

Let's see if I can paint you a picture of some of the things that made the month fly by.

"The Great Gatsby"

1. I signed up for a six week class, book review of "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Each week we were assigned a few chapters. At class the instructor lead us in a discussion about what we had read.

At the fifth session, we attended the movie, and on the final night of the class a discussion was held: "How did the movie differ from the book?"

My impression - I enjoyed the book more than the movie.

The Great Gatsby

Chamber Music

2. Years ago I stumbled into a short Chamber music presentation. My reaction at that time was, I don't care for that type of music. First impressions can be wrong!

It so happened that a friend of mine told me she was going to a Chamber Music concert being held at a beautiful church, would I like to join her?

Well, I remembered how I felt about that type of music but I was intrigued by what I had heard about the church so I said, "yes."

Glad I gave chamber music a second chance.

I was hooked!

The Soul of Flamenco

3. I signed up with Brooksby Village to attend a performance at a local college for an evening of an all-star cast of Spanish dancers, singers and musicians.

I had never seen Flamenco dancers - they were incredible - the two hour presentation was amazing.

That's just a sampling of what I did with my time in October.

It's no wonder the time just flew by!

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