Sunday, April 27, 2014
Bet the first thing you thought of when you read the title of this post was - what could be better about being eighteen than being twenty two years old?


I wasn't referring to age, I was referring to the price of cushions for my patio chairs. 

Eventually it will get warm, the sun will come out and I'll want to sit outside on comfortable chairs and enjoy it all.

This leads me to tell you about today's shopping trip with my son and daughter in-law. While I was shopping for some spring clothes, they went looking for outdoor cushions. They know what colors I would be happy with and brought me three different types.

One was thin at a low price, one was of a medium thickness with a moderate price and one was thick at a high price. 

In my opinion, the high priced cushion, at $22.00 was to much to pay for an item like that, especially at Walmart. After all I was going to have to buy TWO pillows, that meant they would cost me a total of $44.00.

I wish you could have been a fly on the wall and heard the discussion we were having about why I should consider the most comfortable and best looking pillow of the bunch! 

They convinced me to buy the $22.00 pillow!

By the time I got to the check-out register I was a happy camper and what do you know, when the cashier punched in the price of the pillows they rang up at $18.00 each. Boy, what a pleasant surprise that was!!!

I was brought up during the Great Depression and even as a youngster I knew my parents where having a difficult time making ends meet.

Even as a child I loved reading the newspaper and realized how hard things were. I stopped asking for money to buy the paper.

On the other hand my father continued to read the Jewish Forward. He did what many families did, they read the newspaper at the dining room table, that was our shared activity, our entertainment and how we learned what was going on in the world.

I think anyone growing up in those days never forgets how it was to make a living and values a dollar.

It's been many years since those hard times but it's something that just stays with you.

So, to me it was a big deal to spend that much for outdoor cushions for my patio chairs.

See, so even at my age, I can change!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Do you remember the 1944 musical "On The Town?" Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly and Jules Munshin perform as three sailors who have a 24 hour leave in New York. They somehow manage to find love and incredible adventure in the Big Apple.

I thought of that movie because I recently had two adventures on the town.

It's just about a month since I had my surgery and I haven't done much of anything except eat, drink and not be merry. The healing process takes a lot longer than 24 hours so, no exciting adventures for me.

BUT I must tell you that I did have some exciting experiences("loosely speaking")recently. It all depends where you are coming from to think that something is exciting.

If you have been home for days on end and then you get out into the world, that in itself is exciting! I'll never forget the time I took my sister-in-law out for a ride after she had been ill for sometime, how thrilled she was!!! We take all that for granted until we don't have the freedom or ability to come and go as we please.


My son and daughter-in-law asked me if I would like to go out to restaurant at a recently opened mall. YES, I would!!! I felt good and getting out would be great.

It so happens that there was a sportswear shop in that mall close to the restaurant. What a great opportunity to "maybe buy some new spring clothes!!!"

We went in, I tried on a few items and that did me in. Guess I wasn't as chipper as I thought I was.

Dinner was great but trying on clothes was just to much for me. I'll have to look more seriously at shopping via the internet!


That first adventure taught me to limit my "ON THE TOWN" adventures so my "big deal treat" was to go into a Walgreens and buy a few products.

To top the day off we went to a casual restaurant for a bite to eat.

Let me tell you, I had the greatest time doing something so "NICE AND EASY."

Mad Men is Back and My Mom Can Relate

Steve here. My mom was going to make a post about Mad Men being back for a new season, but she was underwhelmed with the new episode.

More: ‘Mad Men’ Enlists the Graphics Guru Milton Glaser

We'd talked about the photos we were going to use to illustrate her Mad Men post, and they are too good to leave on the cutting room floor.

So here they are:

Mom and Dad, Mad Men Style.

Me and Mom when I was 1.

70's Mom.

Me and mom, 2014.

Monday, April 07, 2014
Today happens to be April 7.

It's a special day for one of thee most special, talented, knowledgeable, humorous, thoughtful, caring and good looking bloggers in the world.

That happens to be my opinion, but anyone who reads Ronni's blog, "Time Goes By" will surely agree with me.

As far as "good looking", just take a look at this photo of "sparkling Ronni!"

Whatever you are doing Ronni, keep on doing it.

Wishing you much happiness and joy today and all year long!

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