Sunday, November 22, 2015
I Sold My Car
For the past three years that I've been living at a retirement community I've been driving less and less.

I don't have to go out on "the road" to do this or that. It's easier to take the transportation provided by Brooksby than to get into my car, get into the traffic, maintain the car, pay the insurance, get gas and repair the car when needed.

Oh, and have the car shoveled out in the winter! Forget that!

My son and daughter in-law have been great - take me food shopping and any other important errands that I have to do.

I haven't driven at night in a very long time and was not anxious to drive, even in the daytime. It was high time to throw in the towel.

As I sit here and write about my beloved Toyota Camry I realize my car was SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD.

One winter when I was spending time in Florida I would take daily walks. At the time I was thinking about buying a new car and noticed that most of the cars that were parked on the premises were Toyota Camrys.

Well, most of the residents were seniors and I figured, if they thought it was a good car, it was a good car. When I got back up North I did a little research and made the decision "that was the car for me."

That car never gave me any trouble, good to the last drop!

The furthest that car even went was when it was being transported to Florida on a car carrier, otherwise it took me to the market, to the movies or to the mall.

Now that it is gone I have mixed feelings.

I will miss just hopping in and coming and going when I please, but happy that I no longer have the responsibility of a car. I've gotten used to managing without my own buggy.

I wanted to sell the car before the winter and that has worked out. Mostly, I am very happy that a fine young man is now the proud owner of my Toyota, and will enjoy a happy and long life with the car as I did!

What's your car story?

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