Friday, March 16, 2007
Welcome Palm Beach Post Readers

Palm Beach Post: Millie, 81, gives senior a voice in cyberspace:
"Millie — now an 81-year-old who splits her time between Kings Point in Delray Beach and Swampscott, Mass. — takes it with such grace.

The world has been reading her since October 2003, when Steve Garfield, got her blogging at Not long after, she started video blogging (also with her son's help) in a series called 'I Can't Open It.' Ten episodes have featured her grappling with various containers, then brightening when her son opens them for her.

'At the age of 77, I started blogging,' she wrote in a recent posting. 'Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that it would enrich my life the way it has."
For those visiting for the first time, here are the I Can't Open It videos:

Can't Open It I
Can't Open It II
Can't Open It III
Can't Open It IV
Can't Open It V
Can't Open It VI
Can't Open It VII
Can't Open It VIII
Can't Open It IX

Here's Millie's Yiddish Class.

Congratulations on the Palm Beach Post story. I live up the road from you on Jog Road, and I'm older than you.

LOVE your blog and especially your video blog on "I Can't Open It." I posted a link to your blog on my blog. Have an awesome weekend!

Millie, you're going to be even more famous than you already are! Congratulations on the Post story.
a really great story, congratulations.
I just learned at "Blogging In Paris" I missed your birthday -- better late than never -- so hope you had a happy day!

Read the Post story -- Congratulations on that write-up!
I love your blog!! My mom is 86 and she is a doll. She would never learn how to use a computer.She lives by herself, drives all over town,can work circles around me.She sleeps very little, but never takes a cat nap.I am going to keep your name on my list to read daily.Come visit my blog. I live in Savannah,Ga. and look
forward to your comments.
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