Monday, June 29, 2009
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The calender says "June" but if you go by the temperature it's been more like April. I'd love to start wearing some of my SUMMER clothes but "No Way." It has been rainy, foggy, windy, humid and sometimes dowright chilly. One day I even had to put on the heat. Rain, rain go away - come again some other day!!


A few weeks ago I happened to catch a news program that was showing the public what goes on at the White House. In one segment they showed President Obama running an errand for this staff. He went by limo with his body-guards to pick up burgers at Five Guys. Needless to say he caused a great deal of excitment at the place.

Well, Five Guys recently openned up in my neighborhood. If it's good enough for the president, it's good enough for me!

My friend and I decided to give it a try. All we knew about it was that the burgers were good and the price was right. The menu is small, it's pretty much burgers and hot dogs but there is a choice of "a regular burger" or a "little burger and a choice of "regular fries" or "large fries." We ordered the large burger and fortunatly decided to split one order of the regular fries! The regular burger was so large it was difficult to eat and we couldn't even put a dent in the fries!!

Next time we go we'll order a "little burger" and get all the toppings. I don't know how we'll handle the fries, maybe if there are four of use we'll be able to finish them!!


This month the book club that I belong to reviewed "700 Sundays" by Billy Crystal. Usually the club draws six to eight people.

His book was a big draw. A record breaking eighteen people came to learn about Crystal's life. Not only did we talk about his life, there was a lot of laughter and reminiscences about our own lives.

Next month we'll be reading "Saturdays Wife" by Naomi Ragen. Another light summer read.


Before I go to the movies I like to get input from friends and read the reviews on the Medacritic site. When I checked out "My Life in Ruins" it had an average rating of "34" and one reviewer rated it "zero!!" I have never seen that before and was turned off until a few friends said that they enjoyed the movie. Well, there was nothing to see so we took a chance and found that it was better than "zero." - What saved the movie for me was seeing Richard Dreyfuss act. I remember seeing him when he first started out, he was great then and he's still great.

Did you see this movie, what did you think of it? Are there any movies you would recommend?

I'm looking forward to a sunny and warm July. While there's life, there's hope. :-)

Sunday, June 21, 2009
We all have losses, over time we lose family members, friends and people who have touched our lives, even briefly. When a public figure, be it a politician, an entertainer or a writer dies, it's a loss. Even though we don't know the person personally we still feel a connection with them.

I was a youngest when Franklin Delano Roosevelt died and still remember when the paperboy was on the street with an "EXTRA" edition of the newspaper with the headline - "President Roosevelt Dead." I remember too getting the word that Glenn Miller died in an airplane crash overseas.

There are all kinds of losses - The other day the newspapers came out with the news that the North Shore Music Theatre is closed for good due to insurmountainable financial problems.

Their troubles started in 2005 when a fire destroyed the interior of the theater and led to $3 million in lost ticket sales, only half of which was covered by insurance.

North Shore Music Theatre

I became a subscriber in the early 60's when the shows were held in a tent. As I remember it, the seats were like beach chairs and if it rained it drowned out the performer. In later years they put up a building with heat, airconditioning and comfortable seats.

Not only was it a wonderful theater experience, it was a great social event. I knew that once a month I would be getting together with friends for great entertainment and dinner afterwards.

Image: Courtesy Playbill

Even before the show started we had an opportunity to visit with friends who came from near and far which added to the enjoyment of the day.

One thing the newspapers did not mentioned is the fact that the grounds of the theater were beautiful. We attended matinee performances and on a sunny day we would pack a lunch, leave early and have lunch outside, surrounded by the most beautiful plantings. Not only that, we would have another opportunity to visit with friends.

I will miss everything about the North Shore Music Theatre.

Sunday, June 14, 2009
My Mom's Digital TV Conversion

Millie ordered a rebate coupon at the Digital TV Help website and has been watching the analog broadcasts explaining the transition from analog to digital tv while waiting for the coupon to arrive in the mail.

She expects that she'll need help after buying a convertor box.

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Sunday, June 07, 2009
I Can't Open It: Stauffer's Animal Crackers from JetBlue

In this video Millie tries to open a package of Stauffer's Animal Crackers that she got on a JetBlue flight.

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