Saturday, February 26, 2005
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Friday, February 25, 2005
It was a Saturday night in January, 1955 and I had a date with a fellow that I had meet recently at a local bowling alley. He called for a date and I said yes. In those days when you went out on a Saturday night it did not mean dinner and a movie like it does these days but it was usually an evening at a nightclub where we would spend the evening dancing.

It was a first date so I pulled out all the stops and wore a slinky black dress and my new winter coat which was, believe it or not, PURPLE WITH A WHITE FOX COLLAR and if that was not enough, it had a border of WHITE FOX on the bottom.

When he came to pick me up he was dressed in a very casual manner, which was very unusual in those days. When I got into the car I asked Izzy, (I still remember his name) where we were going. He told me that the club he belonged to was having a COOKOUT at a cabin in the woods!!! Dummy, he never told me that when he called. That date sure started off on the wrong foot.

That was the end of Izzy!

Well, when we walked into the cabin everyone there noticed ME.

My future husband was one of the guys there and the rest is history.

To be continued.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005
The other day I attended an informative meeting about Senior Summer School. The meeting was scheduled for 10 AM which is not my kind of time but I have heard good things about Summer School and was interested in learning what it was all about. I made the effort to attend and was I glad I did.

Classes are offered in several locations, for example it could be Wisconsin, California, Arizona, Canada etc. etc. Not only do they offer classes, there are social events, movies, live entertainment and sightseeing trips.

Arizona is one of locations offered, accomodations will be at Little America Resort in Flagstaff. I checked it out on the computer and it looks like an A1 hotel, heated outdoor pool, outdoor hot tub and a two mile hiking trail. Many excursions are planned, including the Grand Canyon Railway to the Grand Canyon, Sedona's colorful Red Rock country, the Navajo Indian Reservation and some other side trips.

We were asked to fill out cards with our names and addreses. At the conculsion of the meeting they drew the cards for door prizes. There were many door prizes, things like tee shirts, mugs, rain jackets and a few $50.00 gift cards. There was one gift card of $100.00. I WON!!!

Even before I won the gift card I was interested in the Arizona trip but now I am really interested!


Thursday, February 10, 2005
I recently saw "Being Julia" and loved it. There was a scene in the movie which showed the street were she lived, beautiful brick building with three white stairs going into her home. It reminded me of a scene in "My Fair Lady" when Freddy who is in love with Eliza goes dancing and singing down the street.

I wonder if it was the same street? Was it a Hollywood set or did they really film it in London?

It also reminded me of the street that Churchill lived on. Were they all the same street?

Let's see what you movie buffs know!


Friday, February 04, 2005
Every few years the comedian Mal Z Lawrence returns to Kings Point. For those of you who are not familiar with him, he appeared on Broadway in "Catskills on Broadway."I saw him here last week and am still thinking about some of his stories, I say stories and not jokes because he talks about how he sees seniors. For example - Many seniors down here own Toyota Camrys in either white or beige. (I happen to own a beige one.)

Well you know how forgetful seniors can be? When they go to the market or a show, and are gone for a while, they forget where they parked their car. They know they have a problem, maybe they can not walk too well, see too well or even drive a car too well, but their minds are still sharp and they have figured out how to spot their cars in the lot. They tie something to the antenna, it could be a flower, a butterfly or even a toy.

Good idea? Yes!

Mal says he is thinking of going out into the lot and switching the flower, butterfly or toy and putting them on different cars!!!

Can you just see the seniors running around looking for their cars!!!


Tuesday, February 01, 2005
As seen in the Daily Item
Debra Glidden of the Daily Item wrote a nice article about my mom, Web-savvy Swampscott woman blogging around:
Mildred Garfield of Swampscott has the distinction of being the oldest registered blogger in the world.

Bloggers, or those who regularly post personal, political or cultural commentaries online and receive feedback from readers, comprise what is among the fastest growing Internet populations.

Garfield, 79, is known in the electronic world as "Thoroughly Modern Millie."

I wonder how long it'll take for Oprah to call?

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