Thursday, June 21, 2012


The other day Steve and I looked at few more apartments at Brooksby Village.

One of them seems like it would be just right for me. It's a one bedroom with a pass through kitchen just like what I have now.

I like that set-up - it makes the area look larger and lets the natural light in.

Another highlight is that when I look out of the windows I see a beautiful courtyard which is a short walk to one of the clubhouses. If the weather is inclement I would be able to walk through the building and get to my destination.

This unit has a recessed balcony which I didn't have on my "must" list but certainly looks inviting!

Image: Floor Plan

This is all well and good but nothing is easy. As a matter of fact there are a number of factors that are making this purchase and sale challenging to say the least!

If it weren't for Steve and Carol I would have thrown in the towel long ago. They know I want to make this change and with their help it just might happen - sooner or later.

I hope it's sooner.


Three years after I became a widow I put my house up for sale and moved into a condo.

Emotionally it was hard - I had to figure out where and when I was ready to make the move.

Selling the house and buying the condo went well - when I look back now - it really was a piece of cake.

This time there are many issues that have to be worked out and hopefully it will all work out in the end.

Time will tell!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012
No news is good news.

Selling My Condo
Haven't heard anything from the interested buyer and the bank. I understand banks move very slowly these days when it comes to granting a mortgage. In the meantime will be showing the condo to any interested party.

Mom interviewed for NECN
Image: My Mom's Condo

A home inspection took place last week, haven't heard about the results but I feel quite confident that there are no major issues.

Searching for New Place
There are a few retirement communities in my area that I have looked into, they serve three meals a day which means I'd be spending a lot of time in the dining room.

That doesn't appeal to me.

I've zeroed in on Brooksby Village, in a nearby town, which appeals to me, plus I know a handful of people that are residents there, so I won't be going in "cold."

Poolside with Mom!
Image; Millie and Carol at the Brooksby Village Pool

I have looked at several units there and thought I had found "the one" for me but fortunately when I went back a second time decided to see how much of a walk it would be to get to "the everyday places", I realized the particular unit would be too much of a walk for me, and I do mean "too much."

So, the search continues!

Will I miss not going to Florida

Yes - When there will be snow and ice on the ground I'll remember those sunny days at the pool playing Mah Jongg with my friends.

Yes - I'll miss getting together with family and friends that I could see in Florida because they live out of state or are not near by up north.

Yes - I'll miss shopping at "Famous", the local great deli store, I'll miss "Publix," the handy overpriced supermarket that has whatever you need to feed the body and soul. I'll miss "The Boys," where you can get the freshest of everything, but you better watch their your feet because the customers can crash their wagons into you. (the place is always crowded!)

Yes - I'll miss the shows at the club house and going to the movies where the lines to get in are long, the price is right and the movie is right around the corner.

Yes - I'll miss going out to eat at "The Three G's" and all the other neighborhood restaurants that serve everything from Jewish, Italian, Chinese, Greek food, you name it they have it! And they are all a stones throw where where I lived.

Yes - I'll miss all that and more but "that was then and this is now."

I know one thing that Steve and Carol won't miss - every season before I left for Florida they would come to my condo and take my huge plant home with them to babysit it for the winter!!

Mom's New Plant
Image: My Mom's Plant

And you know what, when I want to reminisce I'll just go to my old posts and remember all the good times I had in sunny Florida!

Sunday, June 03, 2012
Last week my condo was put on the market! My realtor suggested that I have a special calender available to list appointment times. At first I thought she was kidding but the interest has been exceptional!!

As of this moment there have been four showings and tomorrow four more people will be "looking."

Usually I keep the condo picked up but do not put the spread on the bed, it's heavy and I choose not to, but in this case it's worth the effort.

When I do relocate, I'll be downsizing and have to get rid of lots of things, especially clothes which I haven't worn in a very long time.

I did work on my "maybe closet" recently, by the time I got through there were plenty of empty hangers!!

Just yesterday when Steve and Carol were here we worked on some fun stuff.

I don't know about you but I have a special dresser draw with old costume jewelry that I don't wear any more but never considered giving them away or selling at a yard sale.

Each piece has special memories which I shared with them. Doing that helped me part with pieces that could be a good twenty five years old or older.

I tried on some clip earrings that were my favorites, wore them for a while and if they didn't hurt, they're still keepers! I should get in touch with "Mad Men" and see if they could use some of my oldies on their show which takes place in the 60's!

Looks like Mad Men style

Mom's Mod Earrings!

Steve and Carol were very impressed with how I have organized my jewelry. I like to see what I have so what I have done for years is keep my pieces in ice cube trays and muffin tins.

My Mom's Earring Organizer: Cup Cake Tin

My Mom's Jewelry Organizers: Ice Cube Trays

My Mom's Earring Cup Cake Tray

It works great for me. Oh, and I use a cutlery tray for beads and necklaces.

I have a lot more to do, much bigger projects which won't be fun like the "trip down memory lane" but somehow with time and help it will happen.

I would appreciate any and all suggestions on how to make the move go smoothly to help the move be as stress free as possible. Is that really possible?

Thanks for lending an ear and your moral support!

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