Sunday, December 27, 2009

I've been down here in Florida for almost three weeks now and have had all kinds of weather. The first week was in the mid 70's and then one evening we had some heavy downpours. When the storms hit the Northeast we had very cool mornings (in the 40's) and cool days and nights.

I'm in Florida. See...

The first week I ran the air conditioner day and night, the next week I had the heat on in the morning to get the chill out. That's why when I pack for my winter stay here I need a little of everything. The one thing I did not pack was a warm robe - You should see my get-up in the morning or should I say you should NOT see my get-up in the morning. ;-) It doesn't pay for me to buy a robe now because before I turn around it will be HOT here.


Going to the movies in Florida is a lot different than when I am up north. First of all - There are three movie houses that are close by. Back home I have a good half hour ride to get to them.

Movies Edited with Final Cut Pro

When I plan to go to the movies here I have a short ride but I have to plan on arriving at least one half hour before show time. If you come any later you could wind up seating in the front row or the movie could even be sold-out.

No matter when I go to a film up north the theatre usually has a handfull of people - I don't understand why there is such a difference. The price of a ticket is a lot less in Florida but I don't think that's what makes the difference in attendance.

Retirees have more time on their hands and are looking to be entertained but I still think there has to be another reason. Maybe it's because they remember when movies were great and they are hoping to capture that feeling again. What do you think?


When Steve and Carol were visiting with me we took a ride to the outlet stores in Sunrise. The first thing that struck me was all the foreign languages I heard, second I saw many people with pieces of luggage. When I mentiioned it to Carol she told me that they COME to the mall with their luggage and put their purchases in the cases. Apparently their money goes further here.

I did a lot of people watching while Steve and Carol shopped. I saw a lot of young girls with very short skirts and very high heels - not only that - they were walking fast!!

Carrying Purchases at Sawgrass Mills Mall

I don't wear short skirts, don't wear high heels and certainly don't walk fast.

I do a great job sitting!!

Massage Chairs at Sawgrass Mills Mall

I paid two dollars for a chair massage.

$2 to Sit at Sawgrass Mills Mall


My eating out has slowed down. As a matter of fact I'll be eating in tonight, not cooking, just heating up some lemon-pepper chicken that I bought today at Publix.

Got her Carriage Back

I'm ringing out the old year and in a few days 2010 will arrive.

Wishing you all good things in the coming year - good health, good fortune, happiness and loads of good luck!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

One of the things I enjoy about Florida is the variety of restaurants that are good, reasonable and nearby. In the short time that I have been here I've had some wonderful meals. There are restaurants that have gone out of business, there are new places to try and than there are the tried and true ones that have been here for years.

One of the new places we tried while Steve and Carol were visiting was Finz which Steve found on "Yelp." One of the comments left on that site recommended the fish and chips. Yes, they were as good as what they said about that dish. What I particularly enjoyed was that one of the sides offered was a steamed vegatable. I had the treat of having some fried food but at least I had something that was good for me! ;-)

How can you be in Delray and not eat at the 3 G's - They been here for years, has the best of everything and is always busy.

One night we got there at 6:45 which is on the late side for senior citizens BUT there was an hour wait!

We opt to forgo the wait and went right next door to the Brick Oven restaurant which openend last season and was an immediate hit.

I had the chicken marsala ,which was outstanding, and Steve and Carol had a veggie pizza which they enjoyed.

The next night we were intent on having dinner at the 3 G's The plan was we would have a very light lunch and get to the restaurant by 4:45. It was raining cats and dogs when we left the condo so we figured that would deter people but NO, we got there and there was a half hour wait. Go figure!

The Wait at 3 G's

We had a delicious dinner which included everything from soup to nuts.

Chicken Noodle Soup to Start at 3 G's1/2 Chicken and Potato Pancakes at 3 G's

Hot Pastrami at 3 G'sKasha Varnishkas, Salmon Croquettes and Potato Pancakes at 3 G's

By the time it came to dessert none of us could have another bite so we got doggie bags to take home. I elected the coconut pastry which is a new item this season. Later that evening the THREE of us shared it. It was the best!!

Coconut Pastry at 3 G's

Reminded me of a pastry that I had when I was a child - An icicle. Anyone remember that treat?

Every season I wonder the same thing - If the restaurants are so busy - how come the supermarkets are always busy too!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Where to begin! - with the help of Steve and Carol I have accomplish a lot in a week's time.


The very first thing we do when we get to Delray Beach is go to Comcast to pick up the modem.

Getting the Modem at Comcast - Delray Beach 2009 - Day 1

First thing Steve does when we get to the condo is set up my computer


The day we arrive the mission is to buy just what we will need for the next morning. After that it's one type of grocery store or another. Here's a sampling of where I spend my money!

There is a new Walmart Super Store near by. You name it, they have it.

Delray Beach 2009 Day 2 - Shopping

I bought food staples and some housewares.

Next it was a stop at Publix which is a very popular market down here. You can't beat their chale - delicious.

Steve likes the store very much because they carry his favorite beer and has a large section of wines.

Wine in the SupermarketBeer in the Supermarket

Another great place to shop is Famous.

An Aisle of Gefilte Fish! Delray Beach 2009 Day 2 - Shopping

That's where I picked up lox, chopped liver, plain cream cheese, chive cheese, sliced yogurt cheese and a plastic container of half sour pickles. Incidentally, Steve had a hard time openning the container and when he finally did open it he transferred the pickles to one of my plastic containers. I'll never buy those pickles again!!

For a few seasons now I've wanted Steve and Carol to experience "The Girls." We finally made it!

When you first approach the store it looks like a small quaint store but then it leads you to a huge outdoor garden where you can pick your own strawberries that grow above the ground.

The Girls - Delray Beach, Fl

In addition to the fruit and vegies that grow above the ground there's a mini zoo that adults and children can enjoy.

Another must place to shop is "The Boys." Like Carol said, "there is nothing like it in Boston." The parking lot is always loaded, you are lucky to get a place to park your car but once you get into the store and take a carriage, it's a challenge to get through the aisles. They carry everything and anything you could possibly imagine - cheeses, breads, fresh produce, fresh fish and lots of prepared foods - just to give you an idea of what is available.

Between stocking up and bringing home doggy bags, you should see my refigerator!!

Take a look:

Mom's Fridge

Sunday, December 06, 2009
I Can't Open It: Eggland's Best

Millie buys a package of Eggland's Best for the first time and has trouble opening the package. Also featured, Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

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